Peru: Hugox Chugox and the wild globalist oligarchy

Carlos Jara Cuevas

International Policy, Security and Development Cooperation Analyst. International press for Gaceta Ucayalina

London 10/01/2020

When we wrote these notes, a friend was right when the growing “democratic resistance” commented in some press. This is a recent case that occurred in our homeland and we are going to tell them about it. Nobody chooses where to be born, neither country nor town nor cradle , but when you wake up and realize that real life is not a literary creation but a historical social phenomenon, you begin to turn the daily page of life and, as in the case of HugoX ChugoX , not born in a golden cradle or bottle of wiski or a maid who loves ma nte and care , then as drag gentry, or name or genealogy Officially, it happens that the mere fact of thinking on one's own account already constitutes the configuration of such a serious crime due to the daring of discovering that the condition of cholo is being grown in a xenophobic , culturally racist and mentally modeled society to qualify all those that breaks the script of official thought as a criminal , thus Peruvian society is stratified and the existence of its social classes are crossed in the entire cultural, media and political context to accept the vulgar and miserable official truth of those who believe they are owners of the Peru .

General Millan Astray, hero of the fascist military coup in Spain led by Generalissimo Francisco Franco, shouted with the euphoria of the fascist victory Long live death , down with culture! Militant neoliberalism is the pyramidal structure of the single thought to amancebar youth on condition of sheep or beggars for bread and circuses that reproduces the social and model Peruvian economic installed thirty years ago to sell the Peru as his farm , as his departure from Indians and as their warehouse for scrapping s everything public to finish it off at an egg price to benefit economic groups that took the country by storm and that chameleonically to survive in time, parties for rent and opinion leaders were invented as wax dolls and dolls stuffed with sawdust, only that is possible with dictatorial violence to impose a model and a stratified social construct and a mercenary mass culture in exchange for a handout to c Soul their poverty and exalt with the crowds in the streets the farce of the leaders who arrive at the palace offering promises like great Pharisees that they will never fulfill. When you take a look at the YouTube videos of this young militant from deep Peru, you will be able to see and hear that there is no historical or political revisionism with the past and with the present throughout the history of Peru, growing up as a black or a cholo with Your own thinking makes you an anti-system, now they call them populists, however, when the teacher and blond historian like Raúl Porras Barrenechea dared to leave a legal record before the OAS in defense of the rights to self-determination of the peoples as in the Cuban case in the 60s against the political and military interventionism of the US and the CIA, the same President Prado Ugarteche not dared to call "communist , " Ojala had black been cholo, mestizo or that San Marcos teacher to see how would n reacted rancid oligarchy landowner and industrialist of the 1960s , they only kept quiet so as not to arouse suspicion.

The oligarchy in Peru is by nature mercenary and treacherous for a better sample button, its servile historians do not tell of their betrayals when General Baquedano ruled Peru from the Government Palace with the flag of the Chilean invader raised, at that time they did not even declare themselves Spanish of origin but Italians, French, British, Germans from night to morning the portals of those mansions today already in ruins were the flags of other countries except for the emblem of the homeland, the red and white the only one for whose mission the patriots keep respect and loyalty to the country , we learned it in the classrooms of our Colegio Ntra. Señora de Guadalupe in Lima.

The HugoX ChugoX case , as it is called in the networks, has managed to put on the table of national life the political phenomenon of neoliberalism and the privatizations of public companies, made by the Fujimori and all the so-called great families of the financial political aristocracy speculative that through Fujimori, Paniagua, Toledo, Alan  García , Ollanta, PPK and Vizcarra they have not modified absolutely anything of the neoliberal model including political corruption as a factor of government of the entire prevailing system, how can they talk drooling about inclusion social in education , when in this period the speculative business of education in Peru are the round business of these economic groups that speculate with private education, also obtaining state scholarships to ensure their huge profits, this must change completely , It is time to recover the Republic of Peru kidnapped these decades , to be governed by the Peruvians in function of the national public interest and not of these globalists who are at the service of George Soros to undermine the sovereignty and dignity of our country. God willing that HugoX ChugoX , do not change shirt or color or side, because choosing Peru as a task is a problem that patriots face today against neoliberal globalists. Finally, the mere fact of the existence of this open judicial process against this young patriot shows the fear of the oligarchy not only of the complainant, who in this case is Raúl Diez Canseco Terry from (owner of the USIL university) and a member of the Popular Action Party candidate for the Presidency of the Republic , but of all those who today, together with his Fujimori constitution of 1993 , are in the same well full of alligators of the same neoliberal political placenta as devotees of the 10 points of convergence of the Washington Consensus. neoliberalism bible. Youthful rebellion is manifested knowledge and how this young defendant there are thousands of young people who have awakened from this lethargy overall in the middle of the plandemia of the covid19 next to the great global economic recession that also affects millions of young Peruvian unemployed and without a future surviving in the informality of street commerce, job insecurity and even delinquency . The videos of corruption exposed by Hugox Chugox made the hair stand on end in the case of the privatization and sale of the national flag line AEROPERU and the liquidation of the Peruvian private company Aerocondor   since the latter had the audacity to dispute the transport of air cargo in Chilean territory to a company of the Cueto Family linked to drug trafficking and denounced by the DEA, whose front man is Piñeira, current president of Chile, whose air entity is known as LATAM, the Chilean monopoly of national and international flights of Peru all this finished off with the blessing of Toledo and Raúl Diez Canseco when they governed the country under the label of the Peru Possible Party. Denunciation of this youtuber is stark because Nala that Raul Diez Canseco received a bribe of 68 million dollars to mount your college USIL in the US, putting to disposal the skies of Peru , Chilean, and in the case of the Cueto family having contributed 25 million dollars to Jeb Bush for his campaign and this favor led the DEA to incorporate the owner of the Aerocondor airline who ended up in jail in Peru on the list of the most dangerous criminals in the world . Last year LATAM demand fizzled and withdrew from the litigation against Hugox Chugox instead Raul Diez Canseco continued with criminal lawsuit for defamation against the aforementioned and or utuber for whom they asked for three years in prison and one million soles of civil reparation, money that according to the plaintiff's version would be destined to covid19, the truth is clearer than water and the matter is undeniable because today Chilean capital has the monopoly of air transportation endorsed by the current Fujimori constitution of 1993 at the level of law, which constitutes a violation of national sovereignty and national defense , as it is a strategic sector . In this sense, the research on money laundering published by Dr. Ulises Flores Rosas, former Colonel of the PNP and hero of Chavín de Huantar , has been published in two mandatory-reading volumes to learn about the mechanisms of money laundering that are the diversified business fuel where ill-gotten money runs through and ends up in the assembly of various forms of business and financial businesses , a subject on which we have already published an interview with the aforementioned social researcher. Laws are made based on political power and the rule of law is the expression of the empowerment of the people or the financial oligarchy , this is a national problem that faces patriots and globalist peddlers throughout Peru , period, this It has to change now , and more so when the spectacle of political corruption constitutes a government factor with a President like Martin Vizcarra questioned in full term by all the corrupt conspiracy that was brewing in his own office and that has only ended in a failed vacancy and negotiated and a smokescreen with the preventive detention of officials from their environment placed as scapegoats and heads of Turks while the big fat cats enjoy their farms, while Karen Roca, Miriam Morales, Oscar Vásquez and Ri chard Cisneros alias “Richard Swing ”, are the tail of the alligator while criminally organized political corruption has put their heads on a tray , when cases like Chincheros and others continue to sleep in some corner of parliamentary oblivion . Long live HugoX ChugoX , you have defeated you are a gladiator without master or patron, we must continue with the development of the historical and political audit of Peru, we re-establish the Republic of Peru, we owe nothing to the Bicentario of the global financial oligarchy. And so they want to win residential elections in April 2021, anyway in the next Congress an economic, historical and political audit must be carried out of the privatization of public companies for the good of Peru, because for the n eoliberal globalists the truth for them , is a crime and dare to think with their own head is a problem for their interests , by more than try to cover up the truth will come out much more quickly than light, so even though this new normal seek to impose it and want to make the lawfare the instrument to impose silence on the conscience of patriots. Quoting President Donald Trump's speech at the UN 09/24/2019… ” The future does not belong to the globalists. The future belongs to the patriots. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations that protect their citizens, respect their neighboring countries, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique. ”

Link HugoX ChugoX :

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lj8wA2h034
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0jKhM0N-Hs
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO73eWTeMdk



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