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London 10/8/2020

Today an interview was conducted with Frank Romero, Director of Iberoamerican center UK, on Estrella TV in the United Kingdom, the media promoted by journalists from the Ibero-American community contribute to the rapprochement between the Ibero- American community and British society. This interview was conducted in the studios of this television in London.

Greetings for the Mes Amigo Month in UK

My name is Frank Romero, Director Iberoamerican center UK,

From September 7 to October 12 we celebrate the AMIGO MONTH party. Our IBEROAMERICAN UK institution greets the organizers of this event in tribute to THE IBEROAMERICAN COMMUNITY residing in the United Kingdom, AMIGO MONTH is for us a moment to share the hopes and opportunities for development and integration in this country that welcomes us.

We consider it important to be recognized and made visible to the various problems of our society, socially, legally, politically, economically, culturally and religiously, so we see with great pride that in these ten years  the experiences of leaders and people who have preceded us serve us for this common objective, and that it is important to recognize the role of Mr. Isaac Bigio and other characters such as the representative of the Portuguese House , as well as various associations and social activists who have voluntarily given their time to face covid19 in the midst of this economic and social crisis that has also impacted our Ibero-American community.

It is an objective for us that our Ibero-American community (Hispanic Americans, Spanish, Brazilians and Portuguese) be recognized in all administrative instances of the United Kingdom as an ethnic community with Hispanic and Lusitanian roots, as part of the multicultural scenario our ethnic minority is according to the Deputy Mayor from London, Joanne McCartney, we quote your message….

… “London has a community of a million Latinos, Hispanics and Lusophones who help make it such a diverse and multicultural city. Hispanic culture has had a great influence on ours in Britain, from sports and music to food. In fact, the term "friend" is one of the most popular foreign expressions in the UK; a testament to how your culture has influenced us.

The importance of this influence has been given by the fact that the European Commission indicates that 8% of the population of the United Kingdom speaks Spanish as their first or second language, and the British Council established that 1% of the British speak Portuguese . That means that between 5 and 6 million people speak either of those two languages. And its importance is evident among young people, as Spanish will become the most dominant foreign language in UK schools.

During the 35 days of the Month of the Friend, the 35 Luso-Hispanic countries have a national day to celebrate and it is an opportunity to come together and be proud of these achievements during the next weeks. I hope you have a wonderful few weeks celebrating the vital contribution you make to our great city. ”

For these words we thank Joanne McCartney, Member of the London Assembly for Haringey and Enfield, First Deputy Mayor of London for her social commitment to our community.

On the other hand, we are not only concerned about the various problems that we have cited here, but also about a significant number of immigrant workers of various nationalities and ethnic minorities, who today are in an irregular and undocumented situation, for all of them we stand in solidarity so that the government and Prime Minister Boris Jhonson are sensitized and can agree to a HUMANITARIAN AMNESTY TO REGULARIZE ROLE-FREE IMMIGRANTS IN THE UK. We are human beings and no human being is illegal, we believe that this call will be heard by our authorities and we hope they will solve this problem.

Finally, we hope that these activities remain in time to be a moment of reflection and sharing experiences and we disseminate our stories and our cultures to be recognized as a Spanish-Portuguese Ibero-American Community. Thank you very much for this opportunity and we will be the order of the day to strengthen our community in a harmonious relationship with British society within the framework of democracy and citizen security to which is tamos committed as citizens. On behalf of Roxana Sánchez, Vicente Jara and Ángel Quiroga and our volunteers. A hug and thank you very much to all of you. Greetings to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for his great reception and to Mr. Isaac Bigio the recognition for his remarkable integration work for many years in the United Kingdom with the British Community. For those interested in receiving food, they can contact our tef to register and be able to approach. Tef 00773804462

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