Perú: Patriots and democracy in the face of presidential vacancy

Carlos Jara Cuevas

International Policy, Security and Development Cooperation Analyst. International press for Ucayalina gazette.

London 09/18/2020 

In the reading of Don Quixote , he tells us in his first pages the story of the character his readings of chivalry and knights errant, he ate the coconut as much as we say now that it seemed that by virtue of that blinding imaginary of a knight errant he ended up drying out his brain, Because mounted on his horse next to his squire, he ended his days living a false paradise while his property was going to waste.

Democracy that led the neoliberal dream has come to the point where he dried the brain to their drivers because systemic crisis is irreparable because the public interest is first on the interests speculative private, more clear than water, started with Fujimori and I end if the case is the case with the vizcarrismo ; What happens is that this is not the second floor of Fujimori offered by Toledo but rather the last floor of Fujimorism built by Vizcarra, this last-minute Fujimori movement is about idols and clay columns as Vladimiro Montesinos once mentioned talking about the Ollanta Humala case.  The sons of George Soros the neoliberal globalists who areon the side of the neo - Fujimorista Vizcarra, they form a block and a chorus to confront another block of parties that have chosen to question the political issue and request their vacancy in a political trial in the face of the facts made known by their own members of their palace team , corruption, manipulation and falsehood before Congress and justice . For example, FREPAP's attitude is one of collusion, they are part of that inheritance of social political engineering within the population in extreme poverty ideologized by a Zionist Judaism dressed in Christian dogma, it is the face of indigenous popular Fujimorism, they abstain by interests political and economic , they do not question neither the constitution , nor the neoliberal economic model , FREPAP is therefore militant sociological Fujimorism . In the case of Somos Peru is more of the same is the other side of the Fujimori municipalist , a neoliberal party seeking opportunities no flag but only private interests speculative regionalist and local, by last the priest Arana and F rente A mplio, as well as Veronica Mendoza are the sector onegero of Marxism cultural George Soros, they called to vote for PPK and now defend the heir of PPK supporting the continuity of Vizcarra using language social-liberal . All of them are facing the parliamentary bloc that has requested the presidential vacancy for reasons of State, which is legal within the framework of the 1993 constitution , whatever the confrontation is polarized and hopefully AP will assert its concepts of " Peru as doctrine ” and the parties that are within that bloc do not give up , negotiate , or betray the country , because we are reaching the end of 30 years of Fujimorism or neoliberalism and the probable beginning of a necessary political transition until now postponed by the previous neo-Fujimori governments (Paniagua, Toledo, Alan García , Ollanta Humala, PPK and the current one) , they are telling the time, because the facts show with former presidents in jail, escapees, suicides and others unable to escape justice for being on board in judicial processes for corruption. In these days prior to the vacancy against President Vizcarra, the facts and complaints of those involved themselves have gone from recorded audios to political gossip, as is the case of Minister Inchaustegui who has lowered the level of a cabinet to a mess of comadres soap opera, looking to find a script for a kind of novella in the style of the "rose of Guadalupe" , this is a national shame.

There are politicians who wonder , because there is no loyalty among the members of the parties, especially in those that govern the State and in many regional and municipal governments, honestly, corruption as a government factor is based on actions typical of criminal mafias such and which, as Congressman Omar Chehade argues, who has just requested guarantees for himself and his family , this shows that we do not have a democratic state but a state of militant and organized corruption , and all those who oppose it become political targets for to annihilate them surgically as in the Don Vito Corleone saga "The Godfather", the same is happening with Congressman Edgar Alarcón, they are two characters who presided over two commissions of Congress, the first the Constitution and Regulation Commission, and the second of Inspection, in these circumstances the problems are obvious due to the existing impunity and because they affect the interests not only of people but the powers of political and national financial power , and the oligarchy global transnational to the fact that the class political ruler become our nation into a reverend neocolony managed so speculative financial and banking, up borrowing with the IMF and WB in order to destroy our sovereignty and keep us at the level of an extractive , mining, oil, gas and maritime economy , with an unemployed informal labor army of 9 million people , with a society that has been unstructured from the foundations of the family, the culture, education , the tradition of multicultural and religious.

The covid19 accelerated the government crisis and the structural economic depression that was already underway since 2008, this time the factor of the crisis was planetary with all its contradictions and interests, that is why the Peruvian process is embedded in this global phenomenon of the crisis of the capitalist economy. Globalism is trying to destroy the sovereignty of the States by turning them into villages of a transnational global power in a world government, this relationship is present in the Peruvian political scene now with more reason the ultra-liberal face and the face of leftist liberal ecologist globalists allies and Vizcarra advocates is n doing homework at both ends to lie to Congress that until now has escaped from their hands.

An element of media distraction is called Richard Swing , which has made democracy Vizcarra , becomes creation of the mentioned farandulero low - class and out values sewers policy more puerile becoming political disloyalty in the value of ethics of corruption at its most dire extreme of treason, collusion and media manipulation . L os audios Karen Roca and Miriam Morales give food to all this ethical and moral fabric before the impeachment facing ra in Congress , more than judicial jurisdictions criminal in where finally reached to establish illicit responsibilities judge and sanction . The next few hours will show to whom is serving political parties in Congress after signing the request for presidential vacancy, because in the case of Alliance for Progress Cesar Acuña recently published a manifesto not to support the vacancy because it would be " political impertinence ”, in the case of Podemos Peru with Urresti's signature stating that he would not support the vacancy because the President of Congress has political objectives to replace President Vizcarra, whether or not a coup d'état with the armed forces is true , it is not advised ago if the pretend someone, but lower the flags on the basis of having a media campaign against going extinct justification of the arguments that own T ribunal C onstitucional not accept the appeal for protection by the so - called incompatibility of skills and has left to the next 60 days to deal with. Also I farfetched of opinólogos and the monopoly media is ignoring the role and functions of the Congress to monitor and apply the presidential vacancy and any other institution of the State has to impeach a president, who does not want to recognize Parliament as first power of the State and being legitimately elected by the popular vote is something else , we would simply be heading towards the full installation of an authoritarian civic-military government in the midst of the economic and social crisis along with the health crisis of the COVID19 , and therefore ensure The elections in April 2021 lose legitimacy who is promoting it because authoritarianism is not legitimized for democratic continuity , so when Omar Chehade proposes the “Democratic Resistance” this is the moment to demonstrate it from the platform of Congress.

If he loses the vacancy proposal, a political option that will tend to polarize the national vote is legitimized with the emergence of José Vega's Union for Peru and the party of Antauro Humala, ethno-nationalism, the great erosion of Popular Action that is not consolidated Otherwise, his internal struggle to lead said Lima party will crack. The parties that by supporting Vizcarra or abstaining will serve as justification for the government to consolidate itself in this transitory situation if it is only going to be of short duration until April 2021, instead they have the problem of the candidacies to whom the parties put as presidential candidate on the one hand of fujivizcarrismo from both the right and the globalist left, will seek to cause division in the patriotic options to benefit those who ensure the continuity of the economic and political model, as well as the paralysis of the judicial processes and other political responsibilities of the Vizcarra period. The aristocratic Peruvian banking, financial and mining political caste will be waiting for these results. Winning or losing in the congressional vote, polarization is growing no matter how much the media monopoly presents the statistics favorable to globalists of all colors in the face of the rise of patriots against corruption and impunity, they will stand out in sight among those who they want to recover the Republic of Peru for the Peruvians. This Friday, September 18, we will know where Peru is going post covid19, by the work and grace of the parties that make up the parliamentary arch. The national contradiction is between patriots versus neoliberal globalists.


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