Perú in crisis, covid19 , corruption and some phrases from cinema.

Carlos Jara Cuevas

International policy, security and development cooperation analyst. Gaceta Ucayalina international press.

London 02/09 / 2020

Sometimes you come across some words that need to be quoted due to a chance circumstance, it may be in a movie or in a reading, and we collected this from an opinion column when a Peruvian politician who is in Congress ends with a conclusion and says thus "THE DEMOCRATIC RESISTANCE". All human beings appeal to make determinations in the face of all kinds of problems, whether they are daily or before interventions that modify norms and laws to affect the social and political scene, and this happens in Peru, especially because political corruption is a factor of government. which has become part of the spirit of the neo liberal conception in the management of our country. We hope that the message of democratically resisting in the face of great and serious national problems that have health and the economy in a structural crisis that is linked to the consequences of those who make up the government with President Martin Vizcarra , serve so that the national conscience recover democratic resistance and aim to change the political regime, the economic model and the political constitution in that same space. That democratic resistance proposed by the aforementioned politician and with the audacity to face the country's problems will only find preaching when his message is articulated with social mobilization and we believe that changing in Peru means reforming and that is what the aristocratic financial political caste does not it has the slightest intention of changing anything, they invent candidates because they can not find a candidate or proposal that opts for democratic reform rather than democratic rupture. In any case, the social pulse is not measured by statistics but by bread and work and the exercise of political and democratic freedoms, it is not possible to raise awareness when we convert the popular mass into the police and military objective because the Political class (government-CONFIEP) is distant from civil society and those are the more than 9 million unemployed.

The Peru agreement of President Vizcarra is not a novelty , however to agree on a list of common interests we must demand to end the State of Emergency to propose the Tripartite relationship between the State, capital and unemployed workers, along this path we must reach a treatment and social agreement at the level of the entire country, and it is a political key for the military and civilians who believe in the strategic planning of a country that unites rather than confronts, democratic resistance is a necessary citizen right because the model does not give more , however much money it will inject and is running bailouts, the government knows that the health is faced with public investment policies , liberal globalization speculative financial and financial derivatives are broken, now we are on track towards a new financial system world in favor of the public interest and that would mean the sovereignty of the nation states in a new concept of integration. world action , and as long as that is not a subject on the Executive's agenda, everything will fall into quicksand, including the continuity of the government or unless circumstantial forces take over the government in an authoritarian way for a long time or, failing that, repeating the recipe of the Fujimorism, installing a neo- Fujimorism 2.0, with puppet candidates promoted by El Comercio and its monopoly.

When we write this article we remember of other times in the Colegio Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and in the Guadalupana Chapel, and this seems that only the generations change the facts and problems of man are always present, as God created man and man it destroys God and it destroys humanity, but there is always a redemption that will make us overcome these misfortunes in that regularity and repetition of human history.

We can never stop citing pandemics in human history, at least those that we have historical records, without forgetting that the passage of humanity in these thousands of years , we have always lived with various diseases and viruses, therefore the human condition Resisting has led us to form an increase in the population that reaches 7 billion human beings, counting that more than 55 million people die annually from various types of diseases and today covid19 is included , so we should look at the index of real lethality that is happening in Peru because only deaths from covid19 appear and the others have disappeared from the statistics , no one wants to confront the national interest of health with the policy of pharmaceutical businesses. How is it possible that in 2019 more than 188 thousand die , monthly more than 15 thousand, daily 522 and per hour 22 people. Today on this date that we write this article we have CORONAVIRUS PERU: CONFIRMED CASES 657,129 … .. DEAD 29,068 …. HEALED 471,599 , something happens so that those who died due to various pathologies and circumstances that arise do not appear.  

Now we will touch on a few issues of the daily life of the so-called viral pandemic and the modality of social control that has largely become an experiment in perhaps primitive social engineering because it is the first in terms of its development but if we think for the next hundred years this would be a reference of a planetary event where power, politics, private interests allied to media power and psychosocial control, are controlling stage fear and social fear, pretending a social and psychological slavery that lasts a thousand years, that The illusion of globalists know that humanity will find its way like the river in many ways including asymmetric wars and the new strategies and tactics of modern warfare . If we look closely at this relationship between covid19 and the global economic crisis, globalism is facing a silent strategy of institutional and psychological-repressive political war, cutting down rights, cultivating social, family, cultural, educational and religious distancing, the enemies are us They themselves corner us to a collective social and institutional suicide in a condition of psychosocial and political servitude, in this way they distract us and forget the interests of the social classes in conflict, to this is added as part of that backbone the alienating media power and institutional coercion distributing perks and revelries . The theorists of neoliberal globalization and single-mindedness reconceptualize economic and social categories to encapsulate us as semi-moving commodities, which is why the bourgeois and the proletarianized mass have disappeared from their analyzes in this way they dilute the nature of the existing social contradictions as if society were a social cattle without consciousness or organization, they want to configure a technological globalist feudalization of the social structure as the future of humanity, they want to install a new imperial religion and turn sovereign States into intervened globalized villages , without the identity of their characteristics social histories. Now the socially excluded the only thing they are going to lose to the globalists is their chains of domination and social control. Perhaps that same conflict occurs because the unipolar world ceased to exist and new powers have emerged on the planet with their own historical, economic and political peculiarities, the US, Russia and China are not the same as in 1990, nor in the post Twin Towers, nor of the crisis in 2008 so the globalists of neoliberal capitalism faced a political and social - out war using all means available from some NGOs to private mercenary armies, against described the sovereign states are aimed at creating a new global financial system in favor of the interest the public in this context confrontational political globalism and ideological   control the disease of the covid19 , controlling the information, that is daily , calls left progressives are silent because they live globalism then that doubt d the role to represent patriots and patriot consciousness , power and sovereignty for citizens . The Roman emperor of Hispanic origin Marco Aurelio sentenced a millennium ago and wrote for human eternity "Although you should live three thousand years and ten thousand times as many times, nevertheless remember that nobody loses another life than the one they live, nor live another life than the that loses. Consequently, the longest and the shortest come together at the same point. In effect, the present is the same for everyone, what is lost is also the same, and what is separated is, obviously, a simple instant. Then neither the past nor the future could be lost, because what we don't have, how could someone take it from us? Always keep in mind, therefore, those two things: one, that everything has always been presented in the same way and describes the same circles, and it does not matter if the same thing is contemplated for a hundred years, two hundred or an indefinite time; the other, that he who has lived the longest and he who will die more prematurely suffer the same loss. Because we can only be deprived of the present, since you only possess it, and what you do not have, you cannot lose. "

1.- The fight against corruption and covid19 goes hand in hand with hunger, unemployment and the economic recession in Peru.

2.- When the man on the street finds the headlines of the combi press of the media monopoly , he can believe you so many times but when he is hungry and his table is empty he realizes that he finds everything in the street and not cornered in his house but working with rights and a good salary. Although they put a muzzle and a mask, the human being is a social being.

3.- The friend Humberto Espinoza Maguiña Dean of the College of Journalists of Ancash, tells the hopelessness of life in an ICU , this man is a great friend of more than thirty years is a journalist who believes in democracy and in the spoken word and written that educates the reader not to be manipulated, it has been saved from covid19 and, like others, it can bear witness to a dark experience in order to survive.

4.- The equalizer of social slavery is present without arousing suspicion ; social control passes for cultural way to build the educational culture of a country and that starts from the garden, people often end up n with a TV in your head because you have extracted the brain. Before in school we had a friend whom we put as support "television head", he was a very intelligent boy, now we understand better that more than a nickname of adolescence is an existential reality in popular culture so that social scientists call us n Ignorant and brute, that media democracy justifies racism and institutional xenophobia as a Reason of State and as the rule of law . The sons of Fujimori, who are divided into various political parties with different colors and different names, are stirring in the same well of the automatic pilot, changing to change nothing, they are doing their cultural task of the "open society ".

5.- Beyond or later when your children expect to eat , where are they going to go. This is when the power of the family is expressed with greater reason.

6.- Discovering that there is no last battle or war. War is not declared to ghosts but to the material entity that intends to occupy your sovereignty, health and covid19 is not a problem of war, it is eminently a problem of the State and public policies , that is why political failure runs parallel to corruption institutionalized politics.

7.- “ Where there is struggle there is hope ” , in many countries the citizen initiative is recovering the streets to demonstrate their rights and that is growing. It is also the words of a Peruvian writer who made literature from the coexistence of the peasants in the town of Rancas in front of the mining transnationals that was M anuel Scorza , author of "Redoble por Rancas " and a candidate in life for the Nobel Prize for literature in the decade of the seventies of the twentieth century. And the speech of Robert Kennedy Junior in Berlin against the order of the neo-Malthusian globalists , Bill Gates, Fauci , Soros, ... of the world Deep State has been highlighted , in words denouncing the neoliberal world neo-fascism.

8.- Democratic resistance is a great slogan put forward by a Peruvian politician in Congress, it will only materialize when the social will is expressed not only in individual rights but also in collective rights that is consolidated when democracy corresponds to the Republic for the Peruvians, this is called the democratic force of Peru.

9.- The devil knocks at the door , everyone returns to their villages , when we remember that moment many people were uprooted from their huts and invasions, from their rents and from slum housing in the main cities, especially in metropolitan Lima, the great march of the people was to flee forward and many returned to their villages and returned to the same place from where they left with some hope, single mothers, families without resources and in abandonment are the expression of multidimensional poverty that the INEI and the government replace it for monetary poverty, all with his back to the people. These events are Human Rights problems against humanity and everyone is silent, no one denounces, these forced marches legally constitute a social genocide of the vulnerable and excluded, no one from that left or from Parliament has put this fact on the table that shocks an entire country and fewer have tried a lawsuit before the International Criminal Court.

10.- The meaning of the political sewers and the new faces , the recycled politics will never leave the scheme of the so-called open society, that deep and parallel State is the one that marks the politicians and candidates of the moment, all the politicians are the same placenta including its opinólogos those who always follow the belief in " the open society and its servants " theologians speculative financial liberalism believe this is eternal . Not surprisingly , when Hernando de Soto appears now to be a candidate for the presidency, one theorist who championed studies informality as if it were a micro and new macro that does minimal reference to the political studies and theories of years 50 and 60 of the twentieth century, informality and informal roamed the streets and collective poverty not integrated into the system but more like a necessary element for the system itself and that over the decades of the twentieth century have been the only Variable of his ideologization was the neoliberal novelty , therefore , he is part of that ideological construct to justify the neoliberal model of Fujimori. Hernando de Soto himself extends informality in the current existence of communal lands and peasant communities to promote the subdivision and titling of a collective property to individualize the land into pieces, liquidating the ancestral forms of the social economy of the communities with a The objective is to reconcentrate land ownership to deliver them to the export-mining extractivist model or to reconcentrate land ownership for speculative agro- exports . I rnando de Soto is the fujimorismo 2.0, colloquially of the "new autopilot" , the states that this crisis is an opportunity when the is part of the fabric of political leaders of this neoliberal ideological schism and crisis. Roque Benavides is not far behind; he wants to be the face of the good cop of the big mining industry.

11.- The best stories to tell a truth by lying; Let's get vaccinated, the vaccines are coming, tremendous business.

12.- In God we trust and not in George Soros , We in the People . Our history, our values, our culture and our beliefs as well as our rights are dignified and sovereign in the face of gender ideology and all varieties of social theory that conceptualize social distancing between human beings , to dismantle their natural levels of organization Social. Democracy and patriots faces n to the political and corporate totalitarianism of private financial interests. It turns out that the media power to search for a candidate for hire appeals to racism and silent xenophobia, from their own portals and headlines together with opinion companies they publish and create glass candidates and establish percentages of vote intention born of cabinet speculation to shape the political perception of the population and guide the popular unconscious psychosocial fingering d the electoral vote, maybe , but his plan work will inevitably appeal to the covid19 and strategy of social distancing, elections finished performing in April 2022, although ud don't believe it.

13.- No Congressman does not give access to his voters, they change their telephones and flee from the questioning popularity of their actions , which happens then. Chris Bryant , British Labor Deputy , shows in practice that a Deputy must serve all citizens, all his voters even unknown because political power is in each citizen and not in the politician on duty, as Chris Bryant himself says referring to to an English saying "If I know you very well I hate you . "

14.- There is a phrase that you will find in this reading that says "The devil's best move was to convince the world that it did not exist" , at those levels today experts in the conceptualization of society qualify everyone as populists for thinking about society, fundamental rights and the factual role of the State in favor of the interested public , all s they call populist ; for these theorists of conceptual manipulation for example; Christ, the apostles, Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Franklin Delano Rooselvet , Kennedy, Chávez , Donald Trump and let's stop counting all of them are populists, according to the so-called freedom theorist, Ludwig Von Mises, populism is socialism , Hayek and company, with George Soros reaffirmed that theory in practice. In the case of Peru, the ONP, the money from the AFPs, the programs for small and medium enterprises, for the farmers are measures and parliamentary decisions of a populist nature, this conceptualization is part of the social engineering to ideologize the terms by modifying their true conceptual nature.

15.- The 80 hospitals and 1000 schools, are the Popper-style promise and its falsifiability , the economic bonds have served to go from the illusion to the family collective stress did not arrive and the manipulation of the waiting is another means of control for the nervous breakdown and the lowering of the immunity of our organism, waiting for the family bonus , waiting in the pharmacy, in the bakery, in the market at the door of the banks, the waiting at the door of the hospitals, the waiting for the oxygen tanks, waiting is another form of social control, that to led the culture of guilt is generated as a result of the Stockholm syndrome individuals within this abrazador spectrum of plandemia of the covid19 and its political and cultural instrumentalization , via the media channels of the monopolies or the media, full of a trash TV agenda.

Two years ago I met again with an extraordinary woman because of her conscience, because of her frustrations because of her hopes on that summer afternoon. I managed to ask her, Where have you been because I couldn't find you ?, and she answered me ; "In hell", with the sweetness of her anger and the self-denial of a mother abandoned by the ungrateful breakdown of the family for reasons of extreme social exclusion in which it is immersed, more than an experiential brushstroke we are translating a reality of a good part of women with several children and problems ahead for them there is no future only the opportunity to find hope, their name can start with the letters Y, M, E, G, A , R , or with any letter to name the because in our country 50% of women NEET and are the ways labor more repugnant to those who come to make money and survive with their children, that informality is not hawking but in different ways in the which transforms the human being , into a commodity into a being semoviente , logic values sink and even become customary before and now has diversified ways to survive extreme poverty, shows us c covid19 As if society remained in feudalism, as if we were townships fenced off like concentration camps administering political control in a police state, as if freedom and democracy were confiscated. In that long conversation she told me at the end, that she had nothing, that she was not what she once thought she was, I did not answer more than one answer, you are a woman and you have a purpose in life.  

16.- The plandemic and the crisis of the neoliberal world capitalist system is falling with the covid19 taking away every human being that can drag them to death or extreme poverty, another world is possible and there is no doubt, the world is tripolar USA, Russia and China, we understand each other in English , speaking in Russian and Chinese. When we now observe the systemic crisis of financial speculation order and its vultures derivatives and their mortgages and debts garbage ... .We can establish an interpretation of what is more than the effects of the crisis and the covid19, operation commands with political and military objectives to destabilize and deconstruct organized social responses to the world crisis, avoiding popular movements, popular governments, patriotic governments, the world dictatorship of finance capital knows the danger it faces on a global scale and in real time, that is the new paradigm of the social processes of this decade of the XXI century… ..

17.- More than bonuses and handouts, a FINANCIAL HUMANITARIAN MORATORY FOR THE FAMILY ECONOMY, AND A MINIMUM WAGE FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION is required to REACTIVATE THE ECONOMY FOR PERU. What will be the parliamentary proposal, which will be proposed by the various political parties and social movements, this is a social time bomb.

Finally, in these phrases that we reproduce below, it is possible to understand the various scenarios of society, culture and conflicts of interest. We believe that cinema is the human imagination as well as literary creation, is like the Divine Comedy of Dante , which to announce the humanism had to do it from this perspective. And if all this that happens in Peru for President Martin Vizcarra must be the nightmare of his disagreements, let him end his mandate and we will see what happens in these months, anyway more than nightmares behind each movement of the Executive our reading it must always be to find the nature of the interests that they defend and empower. If Peru does not want to change, then continue with your television and you will find a movie that will say "Tonight we will have dinner in hell . " 

  1. We think too much and feel too little (The Great Dictator)

One of the most emotional parts of the final speech of this Charlie Chaplin film.

  1. I was born when she kissed me, I died the day she left me, and I lived the time she loved me (In a lonely place)

A phrase that perfectly sums up a particularly tragic way of experiencing life. 

  1. All men die, but not all have lived ( Braveheart )

The vitalistic spirit of this feature film is perfectly captured in this phrase. 

  1. Illusions can be very powerful (Lawrence of Arabia)

A classic of the cinema that also left reflections as interesting as this one. 

  1. I don't remember forgetting you (Memento)

In addition to being one of the most remembered movie phrases, it is the declaration of intentions of this feature film by Christopher Nolan , since it speaks of the tragic past of a character with anterograde amnesia. 

  1. To infinity and beyond ( Toy Story )

You could say that it is one of the main mottos of this film about childhood and the magic of the imagination. 

  1. You make me want to be a better man (Better ... impossible)

The antihero of this film shows his vulnerabilities which, curiously, have to do with the desire for self - improvement . 

  1. Do it or don't do it, but don't try (The Empire Strikes Back)

One of the most remembered phrases of Master Yoda, part of his role as a sage that inspires the protagonist. 

  1. They can take our lives, but they can never take our freedom ( Braveheart )

Freedom above all can become an overwhelming force that passes over death. 

  1. They call it "a Royale with Cheese" ( Pulp Fiction )

One of the characteristic dialogues of Tarantino's cinema: apparently banal and absurd conversations that actually serve to reflect the character of the characters. 

  1. Nobody is perfect (With skirts already crazy)

This final line of script was not supposed to appear in the final product, but it eventually did and was etched in the memory of the West. 

  1. What good is confessing if I don't regret it? (The Godfather 2)

The power of the mafia overrides superfluous moral considerations. 

  1. Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)

A Swahili phrase that became world famous from this Disney movie. Its meaning is "live and be happy". 

  1. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain ( Blade Runner )

One of the most remembered scenes of this cult film left this so poetic phrase about the nature of death. 

  1. With each fight you get stronger ( Cinderella Man )

One of the movie phrases that can be more easily linked to self-improvement and personal development. 

  1. Give wax, polish wax (Karate Kid )

A mantra repeated by the master to teach simple karate moves to his young apprentice. 

  1. Sayonara , baby ( Terminator 2)

In the original version, the phrase "Hasta la vista" was used in Spanish. 

  1. I love the smell of napalm in the morning ( Apocalypse Now )

This phrase perfectly expressed the psychological alienation of the military corps that entered the jungle of Vietnam. 

  1. Houston, we have a problem ( Apollo 13)

A small variation on the phrase that was actually said: "Houston, we've had a problem ." 

  1. I am your father (The Empire Strikes Back)

Darth Vader's definitive phrase at the height of the film. 

  1. Good morning, princess (Life is beautiful)

The positive and humanistic message that this film conveyed was summed up in this romantic slogan. 

  1. We will always have Paris (Casablanca)

One of the mythical phrases of the cinema of the 40s. 

  1. There are no two words that are more harmful in our language than "good work" ( Whiplash )

This film talks about absolute sacrifice and the success that one aspires to achieve through it, and this phrase serves as a reminder of a simple idea: victory, seen in an extreme way, is an all or nothing matter. 

  1. There are no unanswered questions, only poorly formulated questions ( Matrix )

This phrase talks about the veil behind which the knowledge that we ignore is hidden, a theme that forms the main core of this film. 

  1. We are going to need a bigger boat (Shark)

A simple phrase that serves to convey fear in the simplest way. 

  1. A boy's best friend is his mother (Psychosis)

A phrase with sinister implications considering the mental problems that are explained through the plot of the film. 

  1. I have climbed on my table to remind myself that you always have to look at things in a different way (The club of dead poets)

This phrase expresses one of the most iconic scenes in this movie. 

  1. Good morning… and in case we don't see each other again: good morning, good afternoon and good night (The Truman Show)

In the final scene of this film, the spectators also become part of the characters the protagonist addresses. 

  1. Frankly, my dear, I don't care about that (Gone with the Wind)

A line of dialogue that has been repeated thousands of times. 

  1. I will make you an offer that you cannot refuse (The Godfather) 

The Godfather is about precarious deals, ties and balances of power, and this phrase is a form of introduction to this world of constant threat. 

  1. Tonight we will have dinner in hell (300)

The violence and suffering that are captured in this film are perfectly conveyed by this script line . 

  1. Are you talking to me? (Taxi Driver)

Taxi Driver is the story of a man who slowly goes mad as a result of boredom, boredom and lack of sleep, and the scene in the mirror expresses this process very well. 

  1. You should never return here, because it would never be so much fun ( Lost in Translation )

A way to understand the good of fleeting crosses and ephemeral adventures. 

  1. It seems that everything I have done in my life has led to you (The Bridges of Madison)

The love of two elderly people is reflected romantically in this line of dialogue. 

  1. I'm Scared, Dave (2001: A Space Odyssey)

One of the most shocking scenes has to do with the moment in which we notice how much the artificial intelligence represented in this film looks like us. 

  1. The past is just a story we tell ourselves ( Her )

Life narrated as through a novel is, in practice, indistinguishable from real life. 

  1. The nuns taught us that there are two paths that you can follow in life, that of Nature and that of the Divine (The Tree of Life)

This movie totally delves into religious themes, and this is clear in this phrase about the divine. 

  1. Let's laugh to keep ghosts away (My neighbor Totoro )

One of the most fanciful and imaginative Japanese animated films could not limit itself to reproducing conventional ways of getting away from danger. 

  1. I am exactly where I want to be (Forget about me)

This love story plays with time and with the planes of reality, and yet it makes it clear that affective bonds exist wherever our imagination takes them, independently of everything else. 

  1. Even the smallest person can change the course of the future (The Fellowship of the Ring)

An epic story that focuses its main narrative line on the experiences of two almost defenseless young men. 

  1. Destruction is a form of creation ( Donnie Darko )

Donnie Darko explores temporal paradoxes and the different ways of reading the same fact, and this dialectic is expressed in this sentence. 

  1. A lot of work and little fun make Jack a boring guy (The Shining)

The Shining explains in a subtle way how a man loses contact with reality, and uses this phrase, among other things. 

  1. Nothing that happens is forgotten, even if you no longer remember it ( Spirited Away )

The adventures always remain there, even if they are no longer consciously remembered. 

  1. Make my day (Sudden Impact)

This simple phrase served to reflect the desire for violence of a character who, ultimately, was the engine of a succession of action scenes. 

  1. I may not be very smart, but I know what love is ( Forrest Gump )

Love has its own psychological realm, and is not governed by the laws of intelligence. 

  1. ​​Death smiles at us all, let's smile back (The Gladiator)

Several of the characters that appear in this film have nothing to lose, and they see death as something that does not deserve further consideration. 

  1. He's alive! ( Frankenstein )

A scream that introduced a new dimension of horror in this classic film. 

  1. I am the king of the world ( Titanic )

A youthful cry that showed the unique sensations that could be produced on board the Titanic . 

  1. Say hello to my little friend ( Scarface )

A battle cry that has gone down in movie history. 

  1. Kiss me as if it were the last time (Casablanca)

A phrase highly remembered for its dramatic component, characteristic of the Casablanca era. 

  1. Vote for me and your wildest dreams will come true ( Napoleon Dynamite )

This film was a curious comedy that reflected several of the funniest elements of the ways of life promoted by the American dream. 

  1. The real loser is the one who is so afraid of not winning that he does not even try (Little Miss Sunshine )

This is one of the movie phrases that reminds us of the importance of taking the first steps towards a goal. 

  1. They say that the best shine brightest in the most difficult situations (Howl's Moving Castle)

Another phrase from Studio Ghibli's magical cinema . 

  1. Everything that doesn't kill you makes you ... weirder ( The Dark Knight )

The declaration of intent of one of the most charismatic villains in cinema: the Joker. 

  1. She is better than the girl of my dreams; she is real (500 days together)

The imperfections of the real can become virtues, even if it seems contradictory. 

  1. The devil's best move was to convince the world that it did not exist (Usual Suspects)

Hidden dangers and the ability to manipulate from the shadows are very useful options for doing evil. 

  1. Sometimes I see dead people (The sixth sense)

A phrase that has become part of an iconic movie scene about the paranormal. 

  1. After a while, you learn to ignore what others tell you and trust yourself ( Shrek )

Autonomy and the ability to do what you want are forces of empowerment. 

  1. My treasure (The two Towers)

Gollum became one of the most remembered characters in fantasy cinema for recurring phrases like this (and their pronunciation). 

  1. Keep your friends close, but even closer to your enemies (The Godfather)

One of the most remembered movie phrases in cinema about gangsters, and a curious paradox. 

Source: This selection was quoted from the publication of the Spanish sociologist Arturo Torres : https://psicologiaymente.com/reflexiones/frases-peliculas

Psychologist. Graduated in Sociology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Graduated in Psychology from the University of Barcelona. Postgraduate in Political Communication and Master in Social Psychology.


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