Perú: The vacancy of Martin Vizcarra and the neoliberal political ruin


Carlos Jara Cuevas

International policy, security and development cooperation analyst. International press for Gaceta Ucayalina

London 10/11/2020


The neoliberal ship from the fujimorismo until the fall of Vizcarra

At the beginning of this article I pick up a photo of the precarious house in which a friend lives who came from the jungle due to family circumstances, taking a piece of land on a hill in the San Juan de Lurigancho District to only reproduce the poverty sown in these times of neoliberalism and covid19, will be happy I do not know, but that cannot be the future for mothers abandoned to their misfortune in Peru. During the thirty years of the Fujimori democracy, neoliberalism began imposing through a fierce civic-military dictatorship which they institutionalized with the 1993 constitution of neoliberal content and a strategic instrument of the Peruvian oligarchy to empower itself and take political and economic power by storm. , dismantling the remains of the nationalist developmental economy of General Velasco (1968-1975) and once displaced from power by the military felon Morales Bermúdez during the period from 1975 to 1980, which gave rise to the liberal and developmentalist political Constitution of1979 institutionalized by the work of Apra -PPC, social democratic aprismo and neoliberal Christian democracy, this collusion gave rise to that constitutional charter claimed by later critics of neoliberalism in the 1990s and 2000s, both of the variants of the left and Ollanta nationalism of the neoliberal roadmap, including the ethnocaceristas of Antauro Humala. That 1979 constitution ended with Fujimori's self-coup that passed from word to action with the so-called economic shock that he undertook by asking God for miracles and privatizing all public companies whose profitability was the property of the State and therefore for the benefit of the common good. , but all that was over and the 10 points of the Washington consensus were radically applied, which ended up privatizing all sectors of the economy and public services nationwide, obtaining that dictatorship income that ended up promoting public works to satisfy social inequalities and cement the economic model with violence and impunity. Once the neoliberal plan of privatizations was completed, the following governments that followed after the fall of Fujimori have only been the reproduction of the same model, taking advantage of the prices of commodities in the international market of the mining, oil, gas and fishing sectors. In such a way that the governments of Toledo, Alan García, Ollanta, PPK and Vizcarra never stopped giving sustainability to neoliberalism, obtaining healthy macroeconomic figures with poverty and extreme poverty, supporting the labor mass in the destitution of labor informality the most inhuman form of the Neo- labor slavery without rights to decent wages or public services in health, education, housing, work, and by liquidating the business enterprise at the level of the self-employed, the micro and the mypes in these conditions, the State administration has been managed under conditions of Subsidiary state, this allowed and continues to support the benefits of banks and businesses. making use of these private investment public for their larger doing business and misdeeds throughout the decades. The Peru is a country cut apart and privatized much of its territory and its natural resources at sea, coast, mountains, jungle and as the skies of our air navigation are handled by monopolistic firms have formed alliances with the Peruvian oligarchy to make international concessions and contracts called law contracts that subtract the sovereignty and regulation of the State in the control and management of our interests as a sovereign country. At this juncture occurred the final ruin of the power of neoliberalism that through the vacated President Vizcarra the globalist banking sector neoliberal to lost their puppet government and has been replaced by the President of the Congress Manuel Merino Lama of the popular Action Party a liberal center-right political organization that has had two terms of government at the end of the 20th century and in this century had Valentín Paniagua as temporary President after the escape of the inmate Fujimori who resigned by fax from Japan. 

Because Vizcarra is sinking into this crisis.

Vizcarra comes to the government as a substitute for President PPK due to underground alliances and internal disloyalty of the PPK party (Peruvians for change), it is now known that he along with a former minister of agriculture named Hernández and the prosecuted Prime Minister of PPK Cesar Villanueva plotted agreements with Fujimori when this congressional bloc had the majority in the bench long before Vizcarra assumed the position of president after the resignation of PPK due to political and economic corruption , and then dissolved Congress and called only parliamentary elections when in reality Due to the nature of the political crisis, the general elections should have been brought forward, but this was not the case to the point that in the recent elections to the Congress Vizcarra did not have the possibility of having a congressional bench to support his administration, so he continues to act with total authoritarianism by encima political power of the first Parliament. While the legislative power approved laws for the benefit of the people, such as the AFP and ONP affair, the president's opposition was very aggressive, echoing his decisions with the support of the monopoly power of the media led by the newspaper El Comercio and the companies of Public opinion to whom he financed from his entrance to the Government Palace. When Vizcarra was in office, his first neoliberal populist promise was that he offered to build 80 hospitals and 1000 schools that to this day , even with the programs that he called "reconstruction with change," he did not do anything at all, yes , he transferred those money to invest in the construction of buildings season los Pan American Games 2019 re at Lysates in our country in cahoots with a British company that benefited from that negociazo, later with the arrival of the covid19 this he served as a political instrument media for establish an authoritarian government in Peru, declaring a State of Emergency, the curtailment of constitutional public liberties and the militarization of the country, thus instituting a civic-military government and governing by emergency decrees. It is t and power totalitarian turned the regions, provinces and districts in ghettos social to the extent that a folk Mayor of the District of Molina in an effort to prominence proposed the creation of "Customs Sanitary District", a sort of concentration camps for prevent the movement of the population that is isolated from all labor and commercial activity. All this also showed the face of the neoliberal model defended as a government dogma because the covid19 recorded the total abandonment of public health policies in benefit of the privatizations of health services to which was added the pharmaceutical monopoly of a Peruvian business group -chileno family Rodriguez Pastor who urged and speculate with drugs ravaging patients lacking resource died from lack of medicines and care medical , pandemic of the covid19 uncorked the economic and social crisis to the extent that the day today , we have 9 million unemployed and 14 million informal workers, deprived of all humanitarian and social right, this is the economic and social depression rather unfortunate history of Peru since its emergence as the republic in the early nineteenth century. The now vacancy of the presidency also indebted us to the IMF, the IDB through sovereign debt bonds for an amount of 11 billion dollars that served as a liquidity instrument to generate a financial bailout for the banks and companies of the 12 families that make up the speculative business and financial economic groups that dominate the national economic and political power. The impunity and corruption in the better performance of a civilian-military authoritarian government with a state of emergency allowed to exercise it away for totalitarian management of the administration of the resources of the country, the degree of corruption reached unsuspected limits with denunciations of his their own trusted officials who began to be denounced for alleged acts of corruption that finally led the Congress to request their presidential vacancy but in an act of pride and impunity they presented to give a speech and leave his lawyer to finish in a legal spiel to mock Congress, this ended in nothing since they could not get the 87 votes to vacate it. Meanwhile the complaints continued the latest events and complaints of effective collaborators "the chats of impunity" ended up stripping the tenant of the Government Palace as a conspirator and an unscrupulous bandit to run the country at the service of the construction club and media and business monopolies, his links with Odebretdch since his time as Regional Governor of Moquegua showed the long list of 47 criminal judicial processes and those that as a consequence of the government will have to be determined in the criminal processes that are already starting to drain from the Prosecutor's Offices to bring it to trial and as a consequence apply criminal sanctions in relation to the concurrent crimes committed by this character. Vizcarra is a lame duck told Omar Chehade, and is a bandit of Peruvian politics to known coexist with corruption policy as a factor in government and thereby the sheet neoliberal path and the Washington consensus as applied to jointly rajatabla with governors regional governments and mayors who live off corruption and who before the elections reached 90% of authorities convicted and in proceedings for acts of corruption in the exercise of their public positions.

Political parties in action

On the night of Monday November 9 after his farewell speech the vacated President Vizcarra gave his speech a bad omen for Peru as if the victim was the and not the 30 million inhabitants of the country who are engaged in an economic depression and with mental health destroyed both as individuals and as family units, many died due to their irresponsible care plan for the emergency of covid19 and the gravitating increase in extreme multidimensional poverty and citizen insecurity on a national scale. Given this, the attitude of the political parties must be observed, the vast majority of the parties represented in Congress are from the center-right liberal and provincial neoliberal (Popular Action, Alliance for Progress, Somos Peru and Podemos Peru ) and the Morado party ( of the right-wing globalist neoliberal Zionist) and a fringe of the far right headed by Fujimorism, sovereign nationalism has UPP ( Union for Peru) and FREPAP (Liberal Christian Zionist religious center right), the parliamentary left (Frente Amplio), the majority of these parties coincided with the vacancy request presented by the UPP leader , Congressman José Vega Antonio, who reached a common agreement to obtain 105 votes in favor, 19 against and 4 abstentions, it is worth highlighting the energetic speech of Omar Chehade Moya to denounce the corruption of the president. Finally, of all these, the stronghold of the Vizcarra government was the neoliberal right - wing Purple Party led by the former nationalist of Ollanta Humala's party, Julio Guzmán, who was defeated at full blast to remove corruption from political power and at least recover From the legitimacy of parliament as the first power of the State, the government for Peruvians and transparency for the next elections in 2021.

Street protests

When one observes that the mobilisations of these two days are moving to young people must take into account the route media and political objectives pursued by means of the monopoly media to the propagandizarlos through their national media as if sprout mushrooms everywhere demanding only one question "Merino is not my president", "coup", that is, the media have fabricated the messages and certain organizations have promoted the mobilizations in defense of the vacated president Vizcarra who did not even take them into account, but rather The day he gave his farewell speech, he went home without pain or glory. The media monopoly of El Comercio and La Republica have dedicated themselves to sowing media panic in the face of disorders and mobilizations with responses from the assault police. If this were an anti-system mobilization, they would not appear in any media but on social networks, therefore they are neoliberal prosystem mobilizations to defend a corrupt president, but in this coincidence the leader of the Morado Julio Guzmán party appears late in the Plaza San Martin. and to surprise Ollanta Humala appears in the same place who on the El Comercio TV channel declared that "the vacancy was a mistake", from Bolivia Verónica Mendoza declared that she was against the vacancy, a very peculiar coincidence and in frank discrepancy with the Broad Front that voted in Congress in favor of Vizcarra's vacancy. In these mobilizations, they do not question neoliberalism (in the Peruvian case, the Fujimori constitution, the economic model and the political regime) as in Chile and Bolivia, in separate mobilizations, but rather defend a corrupt president vacated by the impeachment of Parliament.

Candidates and polls

Politically, in this process, Popular Action has the leading role in taking responsibility for this short transitory period, with which its contribution will end up leaving the electoral dispute for the Presidency of Peru, without finally anticipating the internal currents of said party will determine its participation. Other parties like Alliance for Progress has its regional and municipal electoral ceiling but with great aspirations in 2016 will be determined by his speech now that the situation for lying to a national discourse and'probablemente choose to bring reforms to the current Constitution, the others of the same tendency as Somos Peru will obtain their space maintaining their liberal populist discourse, in the case of Podemos Peru the wear of its leader Gral. Urresti will go down due to his varied position, on the opposition side is the FREPAP that only presents itself to Congress and UPP of patriotic nationalist tendency that promotes the change of the constitution is accompanied by Ricardo Belmont, a supporter of the Mexican political project AMLO. The left is in a state of open political division and disagreements group there is a struggle between the priest Arana and Veronica Mendoza and the PL d the doctor Vladimir Cerrón not consolidate the vaunted unity but the old leadership and centennial. There is also the fujimorista right and ultra-right of Keiko and Hernando de Soto who says the latter has the recipes for the second economic transition beyond the Fujimori neoliberalism of which he is one of its original architects and ideologues of the time. Finally, the opinion pollsters and the media monopoly of El Comercio, manufacture candidates for public opinion, putting at the head the former mayor of the Victoria district, Forsyth, Hernando de Soto, Urresti, Verónica, even Ollanta appears with 2% and then follows a long list of the 24 parties competing in these elections and that if they do not pass the fence, most of them will lose their electoral registrations, many of them disappearing as mercenary surrogates for electoral occasions. Finally, if we do not take a historical turn without great demands, at least let's create a national, sovereign and patriotic government against the globalists, but sooner or later the social explosion will have no limits to shake the country, we take into account the Mexican-US factor and the Bolivian factor in South America that has recovered the people's democracy in the face of the fascist coup.


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