Perú : The New Eocoloniality and Youth in March

Carlos Jara Cuevas

International policy, security and development cooperation analyst. Press International for Gaceta Ucayali.

London 11/14/2020

In the various cities of Peru, youth marches have grown uncontrollably in the midst of the great national economic depression, demonstrating that tomorrow is not a coming but the strategic planning of the corporations that have taken over to operate horizontally without requiring so much labor or so many man hours; The economy and technology is also political in these times of the fourth technological revolution, it has broken the borders of all the regions and towns of the country, a cell phone is enough in the hands of an individual and polarization brings the present and the present to the streets. future army of unemployed youth, deconstructing the old social and economic structure that has come to its ruin after 30 years of displacement of the State and the empowerment of the transnational business monopolies that administer the countries and their economies with administrative bureaucracies covered with differentiated political parties by the name and the color of its flags but its mental and political structure are the same because the economic evolution with poverty and extreme poverty modifies the old political molds and destabilizes the subsidiary states, making them an unnecessary machinery for the public administration and turning us into states for a new neocoloniality with subordinate societies and with a huge young population in informal labor conditions and with unemployed unemployed placed in the street without opportunity to recover to reoccupy the space of the middle class created after the Second World War with the so-called full employment, that pattern in countries like ours will accompany us with extreme poverty and with a greater exploitation of natural resources without regulation state.

The new youth who call themselves "the wrong generation", is the social basis of the new labor flexibility to the extent that the job will be supplanted by technology that will not make it necessary to have that workforce due to high robotization and nanorobotization to join a labor list, the new Labor Law will be of informal work and with a medium and highly qualified staff, the field will be converted into farms and plots without production, the high food consumption will be served by large production monopolies of foods in many of which with transgenic technology.

The new Balkanization of the countries will be an instrument to subdivide with political bureaucracies the parcel control of natural resources, mining, oil, gas and with great expectations, for example, the extreme exploitation of Lithium for new energy technologies that go from production to services in the economy with large natural deposits to plunder in South America.

The 2008 crisis has not ended but continues to expand like the effects of the waves of an atomic bomb exploding, the effects of the systemic crisis of this year 2020 p aralize much of the world, the Great Depression as Paul Krugman warned is already devastating a good part of humanity, a very dramatic case has been and will continue in ascendancy the displacement of the population as has happened in the middle of the covid19 pandemic in Peru, the flight of people to their villages of origin, their return of their new generations to alleviate hunger in the countryside in the worst conditions of a subsistence food economy. The fall in purchasing power for consumption will deeply open the gap of poverty and extreme poverty before this, the final solution for this decade is to establish a social welfare state with an economic social humanitarian program that assumes public health policies , housing, food and temporary jobs, and also allowing the informal activity of the population to function in all regions . At the same time, the State has to guarantee citizen security on scales not seen until now. In practice, we are entering an economy of internal war to recover the country from this structural debacle of the Peruvian economy .

The youth has mobilized with the slogan "Merino does not represent us", "Congress is corrupt" but the surprising thing is that in this mobilization we find senior officials of large companies and banks supporting these marches and the media of the media monopoly socializing Through its media and in real time the protests mobilizations of thousands of young people who are today the great mass of unemployed with no opportunity or future today the so-called pulpines 2.0 of this decade are the great unemployed of this near future They will not be able to pay for their studies in technological institutes or in private universities, for that reason the defense of scientific and quality public education is a first national task with the youth of our country.

The crisis unleashed as a result of the vacancy of the corrupt former president Martin Vizcarra and the replacement by the president of Congress Manuel Merino de Lama and the election of a far-right cabinet headed by Antero Flórez Araoz accompanied by politicians from the old this fa fujiaprista and Christian Socialism has been the trigger to break down the current government, nor its promises to respect the electoral calendar and the promise of economic stability, its fight against corruption and covid19 has fallen on deaf ears.

The youth demonstrations have opened the wounds left by the effects of the neoliberal model, called pandemic has not prevented the exit people to the streets and confront the police who tried to stop repressing and cause d or death of two young together to the vandalism of groups inserted in these mobilizations so that today, November 14, the recovery of the Republic of Peru from the hands of corruption is imminent and the creation of a transitory government guarantees at least one government plan of humanitarian social emergency , pending the necessary definition of the path to be adopted in these months of the constitutional reform or the break with neoliberalism calling for a Constituent Assembly to draft a new Magna Carta, the latter calling for a national referendum for the people to decide this constitutional path before the serious economic crisis and depression in Peru. The fall of President Manuel Merino de Lama and his Cabinet headed by the Social Christian Antero Flórez Araoz in an immediate political task. The OECD in its futuristic economic report for 2060 leaves a future of poverty and great social conflicts that we may not see, but the new generations will be facing the same problems of humanity in the streets; demographics, food, work , wars, social revolutions and the continuous technological revolution on a planetary level and with the misfortune of our geopolitics, we are a country to Balkanize and disappear despite being a continent people. The future belongs to patriots and sovereign states, the future does not belong to neoliberal globalists. 


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