Luis Arce Catacora president of Bolivia and the triumph of MAS

Dr. Lu is Arce Catacora, New President of Bolivia and R ogger Chipana patriot candidate of Peru

Carlos Jara Cuevas

International policy, security and development cooperation analyst. Special International Press for Gaceta Ucayalina. 

London 19/10 / 2020

Luis Arce Catacora, the candidate of the MAS (movement towards socialism), has managed to consolidate at the polls the electoral victory of his party against the Bolivian right and far right of Carlos Meza and the evangelical pastor Fernando Camacho, the impact of this process in the Region Andina of our continent opens the recovery of democracy and the homeland for its citizens. The indisputable vote of Bolivians is for the trajectory of the nationalist and patriotic economic and political process led by former President Evo Morales during his fourteen-year term and the conduct of the economic policy of Luis Arce Catacora with the so-called “Bolivian miracle”. The Political Constitution of the plurinational state that cemented the bases of the recovery of the Republic based on the common good of the entire society, was strengthened with the tripartite relationship of the State, capital and labor , boosted the new productive economy for economic growth with Social policies that have homogenized the participation of young people, the family and representative social organizations, small and medium-sized companies, encouraged the creation of a middle class founded on this economic relationship and redistributive politics to eradicate poverty and corruption. politics as a factor of government installed with the coup plotters.

Luis Arce Catacora , began the stage pos t coup and post Evo, with a program of nationalist government, patriotic, plurinational with a policy of recovery of the unity of the peoples of Latin America with them the UNASUR and ALBA return to arena of continental protagonism in the face of globalist and neoliberal imperialism , building national unity, democracy, participatory and representative with a social welfare state.

In this process, the results are the following Luis Arce Catacora 52.4%, Carlos Meza 31.5% and Fernando Camacho 14.1%. The new President in his public statements has indicated that his government is a government of all Bolivians from the nine departments that make up the Bolivian state , in his public statement he has indicated that they will be a "government of the people and for the people" , with this The defeat of neoliberalism and its coup d'état of the right and extreme right, shows that the Bolivian and Latin American path is the recovery of the homeland and national sovereignty to face the current economic recession, the impact of the Covid19 and rebuild the economy of its people , preyed upon by their bourgeoisies and their neoliberal model imposed with a civic-military coup d'état.

These elections denote the importance of the MAS national campaign of having won the streets and integrated all the social organizations united around a program of patriotic, national and national unity government. In countries like ours the electoral struggle is house by house, town by town and mobilization of social, indigenous and union organizations, they have known how to project their speech to the majority Bolivian middle class ruined by the neoliberal policies of the coup leader Janine Añez, The other allied factor is the social networks the web, face , whatsapp , instagram , twiter , telegram , the dynamics of its campaign , which have allowed to take its message to the youth and face on the other hand the globalist Bolivian media power of IVOPE and the neoliberal George Soros and his Open society who control the monopoly of national and regional media groups in Bolivia. .

The triumph of the MAS in Bolivia anticipates the strengthening of patriotic alternatives against neoliberal globalists from Central America to the south of our continent, the political map will tend to change in this decade and the triumph of the nationalist Donald Trump against the Deep State   in the month of November will be of a world impact on the planetary scene because the existence of the tripolar space of the US, China and Russia will be sitting at the table of negotiations to build a new post-Breton Woods world order of the 40s of the 20th century and leave the specter of these thirty years of globalist speculative financial neoliberalism, the commitment to the nation state and the homeland will be the new plan against globalist corporations. Bolivia and Luis Arce Catacora are going to be a clear example of moving towards deepening political and economic sovereignty in the new world order. The Bolivian impact , as the Peruvian Rogger Chipana , patriot candidate, comments , opens an alternative to globalist neol iberalism in Peru   in these next elections of 2021 and being of geopolitical and geoeconomic interest, democracy and power, the question of Lithium and its prosecution puts the order of the day on the Bolivian, Peruvian and Chilean borders, the alert, we must not allow another war in the Pacific, sovereignty is strengthened with the security and defense of our armed forces and the patriotic mobilization of citizens in the streets, on social networks and in all community media. 

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JutZxg9dtK8


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