Perú; Viz-carrist democracy and the silence of the lambs


Carlos Jara Cuevas

International Policy, Security and Development Cooperation Analyst. International press for Gaceta Ucayalina.

London 09/19/2020 

The debate in Congress has concluded with the vassalage of a parliamentary majority at the service of a President and his government, delegitimized by immoral conduct and his attitude to try to falsify his political and legal responsibilities with his operators closest to his office. it's called political corruption.

The vizcaudios .

The vizcaudios   presented by Congressman Edgar Alarcon of UPP, he moved the floor to the government of Vizcarra ,   his own trusted staff has made fresh the moral character to evade political and legal responsibilities in this period of his rule, there is heard n the uncovering and the interests of an organized criminal mafia and by the nature of the content made public warrant the voluntary resignation of President Vizcarra or, as in this case, the staging of the Presidential Vacancy.

The presentation of Vizcarra in Congress.

The credibility of his presentation does not merit absolutely anything that corresponds to a self-criticism but to an institutional evasion controlling the power inherited from a resignation of the former president PPK who, due to being corrupt, had to stand up and in the end leave and go to the judicial forum facing processes for crimes of corruption. However, the president has shown pride submerged in impunity by presenting himself and making a declaration of mea culpa, leaving the hemicycle with the justification that he had to travel to the north of Peru as if for him, the impeachment has no relevance. due to an anticipated totalitarian control of the allied parties that finally ended up voting in their favor or abstaining to avoid the vacancy.

The statement of Congressman Omar Chehade Moya.

Given the silence of the lambs one of the most congressmen outstanding has had the courage to face this corrupt government issue 'm the implemented farce by the media paid by the government , which in holy alliance have tried at all costs to destroy the prior to this agenda to try to corner the legal and political reasons days by which the President is obliged d or to appear before Congress and explain all the spider web of corruption in the palace of government, from audios Karen Rock, Mirian Morales as well as the vandalism of Richard Swing and the entire chain of family networks that intersect to obtain benefits in this plot of corruption and figureheads denounced by what was his palace secretary. It is a shame that the President brings notarized letters from the aforementioned former secretary to the chamber to distort his version in audios where his voice appears and in another the mention of the current Minister of the MTC Estremadoyro as his cashier . An extreme arrogance of the President to face impeachment before Congress , Omar Chehade himself clarifies the political and non-judicial role of Parliament as the first power of the State . In these circumstances Vizcarra to lost legitimacy to continue in office as President and least to secure the elections in April 2021, but also by the failure in these years of government which has indebted the country to the IMF, its failure in fighting Covid19 has ended up sinking the economy, leading us to the great structural economic depression , making it difficult in a short time for the economy to recover due to the increase in unemployment, informality and poverty.

An important issue that I point out is the condition of being a semi-presidential regime in the face of the arguments of Vizcarra's defense attorney, who by the way is a former Odebredth employee , who came to the hemicycle to unleash a platitude of discursive arguments without going to the heart of the matter pretending to question the meaning of the impeachment due to an alleged lack of extreme situation and cause in which the president is involved, in this turn of the page, the defense attorney named Pereira did not refute the conceptual arguments that made it clear that the model The semi-presidential current in Peru has the advantage of being able to the Congress to appeal to the vacancy, to the censorship, to the interpellation and to the question of confidence, for all these factors the President has to render accounts to Parliament as the first power of the State.

Then in front of the parties that support Vizcarra's defense, he pointed out in his presentation that another media maneuver was to accuse Parliament of sedition and coup plotters for the fact of taking him to a political trial for immoral conduct and criminal indications of an organized criminal mafia that makes from Peru a booty and business . President Vizcarra after a short presentation without any intention of facing his capital sins decided to leave and disappear from the hemicycle, for this reason in his speech Congressman Chehade points out him as a delegitimized ruler and in the condition of a lame duck, at the end of The vote for the Alliance for Progress party did not count on their vote because the majority of their bench voted against going to the President and instead Chehade voted for abstention, that shows the conscious factor of a Congressman who exercises democracy and freedom as a representative of all the people based on the common good and does not therefore have to keep an imperative mandate to the party that allowed it to arrive with the popular vote . Beyond what Cesar Acuña declared when calling Vizcarra's vacancy " impertinence " in his capacity as President of the APP party, the position of the aforementioned Congressman is not a solitary vote but rather a commitment to the country because after a trajectory of struggle political and legal against the dictator Fujimori and more later against felón of Ollanta Humala, it would be a betrayal of his own principles do not enforce the reasons of state as a parliamentarian to impeach a president delegitimized by its own immersed immorality in one mire of corruption politics.

The silence of the lambs and sociopolitical fujimorism

It was seen that Popular Action was going to end up capitulating before its internal disagreements as a party, it is one of the defeated because from the opposition it went to unprincipled conciliation assimilating itself to the postulates of the government's civic-military model, which is why sooner or later its ephemeral appearance will take its toll on its inconsistency and vassalage in the face of corruption.

In the case of Podemos Peru, its most notorious leader lacking in political principles Urresti has given sides this week deciding to abstention as to free himself from that statement by Karen Roca that he was Vizcarra's informant.

The FREPAP, knowing of their political opportunism, decided to vote in favor of the vacancy, a last minute decision to justify their status as an opposition party, supporting Vizcarra is to bury themselves as a confessional party.

The UPP's decision to go to the end as an opposition party that proposes the change of the Fujimori constitution of 1993 comes out strengthened in this process , this alliance with the Antauro party makes it a reference to a radical opposition that opts for rupture democratic in this electoral period that comes in April 2021 and that could be at the forefront of national political polarization if it manages to consolidate its national presence.

The other parties on the left of the priest Arana, fujimorismo, purples, are Peru and independents have made the role of squires of the government defending the indefensible, going to basics to confuse the public opinion but the reality and the facts show enormous coincidences as neoliberal globalists before the vacancy of President Vizcarra, what has been manifested in the hemicycle is the sociological and political fujimorismo expressed in different parties that have a common idea that makes them coincide, as neoliberal globalists and progressives or blacks , the two faces of the same currency, thanks to covid19 they have shown their fair and circus masks in front of deep Peru. How the next elections will be, time will tell.


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