Perú: The patriots and the vacancy to president Vizcarra

Edgar Alarcón President of the Inspection Commission of the Congress of the Republic


Carlos Jara Cuevas

International Policy, Security and Development Cooperation Analyst. International press for Gaceta Ucayalina. 

London 09/10/2020

Today, September 10, the government's compass sank with a ship and everything, President Vizcarra, has no room for maneuver because he lied to Peru, the degree of collusion and moral and political corruption are evidenced by the audios presented by Congressman Edgar Alarcón , President of the Oversight Commission of the Congress of the Republic , the same request be posted on the institution's website to be available to all citizens.

The Congress of the Republic is a guarantee of democratic institutionality and constitutional legitimacy in the face of the behavior of the President denounced by his collaborators who respond to the name of Richard Swing and Karen Roca, they will surely give him security guarantees for their lives, including the congressman complainant and their families. It is also the duty of Congress to make the evidence available to the competent authority for the analysis of the audios and to obtain the expert report that constitutes reliable evidence of effective collaborators who make this information available, discovering the corrupt plot from the office of the Presidency itself. The degree of political corruption has reached its ceiling because the chain of command was broken and when the political piñata fell down and burst , the denunciation, betrayal and collaboration of those involved is obvious when reading those audios, also in words that It is understood that they are from the President, he points out that the aforementioned protagonist Karen Roca has been working alongside him for more than ten years, with which the plot is greater given that from the office of the presidency all the decisions that emanate in each Ministry are intertwined in a transversal way. What happens now , there are complaints against the President with more than 40 processes, the case of chincheros, odebredtch , the Pan American games, the 80 hospitals and 1000 thousand schools among others more media and known in this period of the Vizcarismo and his group from Moquegua and those imposed by CONFIEP in the entire structure of the State. There can hardly be a forward march without political responsibility from the government, the decisions of Congress are clearly political and therefore the presidential vacancy is the most forceful decision against the Vizcarra autopilot government.

In recent statements by Mario Vargas Llosa that the coronavirus discovered populism , he falls on deaf ears because what the so-called pandemic has shown is political corruption as a factor of government, therefore the final solution that the government and its Minister of The economy is to distribute public money with impunity among all the companies linked to the financial banking cartels and monopolies, they have also placed us in a condition of debtors of the IMF, WB, leading the country to an economic depression. Finally failure in managing the covid19 carry total disgrace for the unfortunate state intervention positioning ourselves as one of the countries with more death on our continent, using the state of emergency and militarizing the internal situation for social control and psychological denoting igualment and a serious failure with the Sunday lockdowns of all families. For this plan he has a media monopoly financed with public money, paying opinionologists and public opinion companies.

Finally he is kicking the door the President Vizcarra is threatening Congress and knows that he can not close but can certainly install a government of national salvation civic-military, because tonight "in his public statement to challenged those who they want to empty it if they can”. Loss of legitimacy and its inability moral p ermanent demand Congress to raise the vacancy but no vacancy group matches Congress that allowed the presentation of the audios are burned by inconsequential or claudication policy. E l synonymous with fujimontesinismo using Vizcarra to face Congress is " plot against President Vizcarra " , and l president has come to face is like Jef and of an organized group, who as president of all Peruvians there proves the stuff down political morality as a substitute president for the corrupt and thief PPK . Regarding the audios and other issues indicated there are political and criminal responsibilities of the head of government, in this case the complainants must offer themselves as effective collaborators in the imminent political and judicial process as a consequence of this.

Democracy is strengthened by DEBURING, the neo-Fujimorista V izcarra must put himself at the right of the legislature as the first power of the State. There are serious political responsibilities and this requires a Political Trial that is in the hands of Congress. However, next Monday we can dawn with a new government without Congress or Congress in these weeks agrees the presidential vacancy due to the moral and political incapacity of the President to be replaced by a transitional Government led by the President of Congress to stabilize the political situation and economic, and call elections in April 2022 . You avoid trial Political to the neoliberal government Vizcarra would be a serious mistake if the presidential vacancy is not agreed. And went statements of Omar Chehade this case pointing; “President Martín Vizcarra has lied to the country. What has been revealed in the audios is an act of total immorality. At the Palacio headquarters we are governed by a mafia clique. This is the president who is going to guarantee the next elections ? ”Twiter https://elcomercio.pe/politica/omar-chehade-sobre-audios-esta-claro-que-el- Presidente-vizcarra-le-ha-mentido-al-pais-app-richard-swing-nndc- News/

Political determinations and actions come from the initiative of the Part left Union for Peru of Jose Vega parliamentary group leading to Congressmen Patriotic Front led by the inmate My . Antauro Humala. Finally, the national policy is placing two blocks facing the patriots and neoliberal globalists, thirty years after the speculative financial neoliberal feast bank is falling n as clay idols. As this article was concluding, the table of Congress at 9:38 p.m. tonight, September 10, 2020 in Peru, admitted for processing the presentation of Motion 1209, by which the request for the vacancy of Martin Alberto Vizcarra Cornejo President is formulated of the Republic for permanent moral incapacity.

To conclude in the statistics of the day today amid the crisis of the covid19 and more than 9 million unemployed political corruption seeks impunity over the violation of the dignity, sovereignty and the common good of Peruvian society, these Unfortunately, data show the figures of 710,067 infections and 30,344 deaths . For all these reasons, we owe loyalty to the flag and to the country, not to Vizcarra, today the vacancy leads to the legitimate installation of a transitional government at the helm of Congress, guaranteeing free and transparent elections, stabilizing politics and the economy calling for elections in April 2022, it is time to recover the Republic of Peru for Peruvians.


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