United Kingdom: Ibero-Americans and amnesty for undocumented immigrants

Carlos Jara Cuevas

International policy, security and development cooperation analyst. International press for Gaceta Ucayalina.

London 08/04/2020

Covid19, health and social ills.

The covid19 crisis reached the United Kingdom generating a social and economic impact to the point that Prime Minister Boris Jhonson himself suffered the pandemic disease of the covid19, attending a public hospital overcame the disease, but the resident citizens of Brazil, Chile, Spain , Mexico and Peru, have suffered the contagion of this virus having more cases at this time. While this was happening, unemployment and social isolation have also increased the evil to the mental health of people and their family components, in such conditions the lack of economic resources and unemployment have put families in conditions of social exclusion as for example for the acquisition of food, lack to pay their consumption costs of electricity, water,

The social action of social organizations.

In these circumstances, organizations linked to the problem of immigration and humanitarian solidarity such as the Portuguese Center (Henrique), Iberoamerican UK (Roxana Sánchez, Frank Romero, Vicente Jara and Jorge Quiroga), the Iberoamerican UK Volunteers, Coronavirus Friends (Isaac Biggio) and other entities have focused on food distribution to meet their needs in the face of the dire situation, with the support of the London City Council and the humanitarian support of Mala Nicker London Borough of Lambeth . On the other hand also from the equally associative sphere is the social activist José Luis y Mariam from Acción Social  They have been developing their solidarity actions in another point of the town the distribution of food to expand attention to the immigrant population, said foods are packaged, canned, perishable but they save the precarious food situation of many families, we must recognize all of them the voluntary and humanitarian commitment of these social organizations in the face of this dramatic situation.

The impact on Ibero-Americans has connotations in various ways such as; health, which in many cases have been infected by covid19, contagions and especially the deceased have been an emotional blow to families. In the workplace, those who have been working have lost their jobs and that has decreased their consumption capacity due to lack of economic resources.In terms of education, they opted for the virtual route, which becomes a new instrument of communication understood as part of physical distancing for the sick and social distancing because people do not congregate in their place of educational interaction.

Another extremely important issue is unemployment before this Iberoamerican UK having its social networks that reaches more than 100,000 people are communicating opportunities to go to various forms of humanitarian aid to mitigate this serious problem, for this various forms are being articulated of collective help among all.

The Humanitarian Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants

On the other hand, an important sector of undocumented immigrants constitute a social and legal problem for their integration into society.This important social segment suffers from the problems that have arisen from the economic crisis of covid19 and their irregular status in British territory, which is why which is necessary for the authorities to be sensitized to produce a HUMANITARIAN AMNESTY FOR IMMIGRANTS WITHOUT PAPERS according to the immigration regulations and above all to the exceptional situation that the United Kingdom and all the peoples of the world are experiencing. A humanitarian response to a social and political problem today is necessary.

Being in the epicenter of London we send this request to the Mayor of London to accept this demand for an amnesty for irregular immigrants and also that EU citizens are automatically legalized while maintaining their right to vote,We appeal to your good offices to sensitize the government so that the high economic fees to apply for citizenship are reduced (an example of solidarity can be with Peru and the United Kingdom that have recent intergovernmental cooperation agreements and this is a basis to exempt from these costs or reduce the economic fees for these procedures, which are such high costs for immigrants from this country but at the same time express themselves with all the countries of Latin America due to their natural historical relationship with the United Kingdom and with the Bicentennial) and that all those born in London and in the United Kingdom should be granted as a legal grace British citizenship applying the IUS SOLI.

The voice of Ibero-Americans and the rights of immigrants

Ibero-Americans as a community present in British society and because of our historical ties with the United Kingdom on this bicentennial of the independence of the peoples of Latin America, we also consider sending you our call for the social, legal and political awareness of Prime Minister Boris Jhonson to address this problem now that Brexit is on its way and soon also the post covid19 to place on the agenda for this problem, counting on the institutions of civil society to strengthen the social and multicultural integration of foreign citizens living in this country ; families, women and children wait for the political will of the government to resolve this request for HUMANITARIAN AMNESTY TO IMMIGRANTS WITHOUT ROLESIt is desirable that this process of legal regularization be attended to soon and that it be scheduled in an extraordinary way in the political decisions that Prime Minister Boris Jhonson is responsible for assuming. As the representative of Iberoamerican UK Frank Romero states very well; May this experience serve to make all the Ibero-Americans present in the United Kingdom visible and be recognized as an ethnic community or ethnic-cultural minority due to their natural social and historical roots.All the social organizations in which all Ibero-Americans are also included are attentive to humanitarian political decisions to solve this immigration problem and their social integration with British society, within the framework of respect for its constitution, its laws, its security, its culture, religion and language. 


People and institutions interested in collaborating voluntarily or being beneficiaries of aid in food and social orientation, can contact the tef.  07713804462, email: [email protected]



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