The years after cancer and the memory of a child who is not forgotten

Photo of Carlitos Cortez in Madrid, SPAIN 2007


Carlos Jara Cuevas

International policy, security and development cooperation analyst. International press for Gaceta Ucayalina.

London 08/26/2020

This time I will stop commenting on the issues of current politics, perhaps because of the memory that we keep in our feelings because when we learn to know life being tied to the scythe of diseases that may be benign or terminal I have to say it and I affirm that the Heaven will not be heaven unless I meet you in the ninth month of these times and this year to meet you again as life itself. It is an important date because it is the itineraryof a whole experience to learn before death to live even when it is a short period of time that accompanies us, it is like the waters of the river that travel without stopping even colliding with the stones and their flow, learning to search every day of the I live the road without fleeing from anything but facing it beyond our own possibilities, I had an experience with my son with cancer several years ago and I have several friends fighting to defeat the virulent and silent viral disease brought to our lands by satanic hands that They do not have mercy or pity for anyone, I wish them that they will overcome and overcome these stones on the road and return to the same normality of humanity because simply time is in our hands.

This article that I re-publish after eight years I do it to express before all the humanitarian commitment that many doctors, nurses, technicians and police forces in all parts of the world are facing a global event that is shaking the public policies of all countries of the planet, because we are in a great economic and social depression in the face of which peace against war, health and the economy, solidarity among peoples will stop any vestige of world wars at levels that surpass the conquered nuclear and electromagnetic energy itself by man . We believe that another world is possible has been before and will be now, it is time that fear, fear is the oldest tool of political and religious power to distract us by confronting ourselves with the purpose that we cannot see the Actions of those above those who control political and financial power under the chameleon cloak of social and media fear, because they control the disease and control information, the individual is taken away by his subconscious and with the control of fear control human behavior. We will leave this debate for another article but let us not forget that behind every decision of public and private policy there is always without any doubt a preconceived interest, that reading is the one that will always give us greater insight that nothing arises by chance and the future to project it there is to invent it must be created. Now we will reproduce the article ….  

" The summer of 1999 arrived in Madrid and in August we went to the beach in Huelva, to spend the month of vacation by the sea as usual, I remember we took the car and headed for the national IV of those wide roads that They go to the south of Spain in Andalusia we went with the joy of spending those vacations as always unforgettable for us, we stopped at each section of the distance at the gas stations and autogrills , to have a drink and a snack on the way, we were Roxi , Franki and Holy , thus reaching the afternoon we went picking up the clear night of the south, always looking at the stars seemed to have more close to heaven and our songs were road humming along to the side of the two small sometimes playing shouting, talking, laughing, with his mother we lost track of time . Finally, we arrived and settled in, we hardly slept, we went in front of the waves of the sea at Playa de Matalascañas to spend the long days of sun and beach, we had a great time as we say in Madrid.      

But on the morning of August 15 note to Frank my little boy 1 year and 9 months had swollen eye as if he had badly slept or had an inflammation, we get to a health center and the doctor told us it was through the sand but nothing that would make us suspect what would come next, the fateful news that I am going to tell you. Well, that's how we continue on the beach having a good time having fun, the children are their mother , I can not forget anything about that town that welcomed us very well in the Hotel, in the restaurant and in the bars, always the Andalusian idiosyncrasy very happy and very friendly, that's why when I am in Madrid whenever I find an Andalusian tavern it brings to my memory that community that I traveled through inch by inch and I really always keep good memories of our visits, such as the Omeya Palace in Granada, what a grandiosity of the Islamic Spanish culture to be the depository of the culture of the early days of distant Greece and Rome, of religious coexistence and multiculturalism that was parked until the arrival of the founding of the new Spanish Empire, which is history that we can talk about in another moment.

The end of the holidays came so we had to go home, we gathered our things, packed our bags, took souvenirs from the town and started the machine and with the car at full speed we returned to Madrid to Alcalá de Henares, from back along the national IV until we met with the national II, the tired children were sleeping on the way we stopped in the middle of the road passing Despeñaperros until we reached a restaurant and gas station on the highway, almost all of us who were parking returned home, the routine Again it came back to our memory, but anyway we still had a way and while we were eating something with the boys we had all the motivation of the days that were remaining as a memory. I always remember Roxi of her attentive gaze and the comment she made to me about Franki , the eye was still swollen and did not drop or normalize as the doctor told us, so with that concern we got back into the car and hit the road , we continued and almost nonstop until you get home, we returned to Alcala de Henares Cervantes land to saying "of good repast and good irrigation" good food and especially good wines.   

When Franki went back to school in the nursery, she was going until Thursday of that first week of September they called Roxi on her mobile phone to meet her at the Nursery and the ATS told her and said, "Ma'am, your eyes only have one Once in his life and Franki has had a very bad condition since he came , the child's eye does not reduce the inflammation and it is better that he take him to the doctor ”. Roxi called me very worried, that she was taking Franki to the Health Center, the family doctor referred us to the ophthalmologist but checking him and passing tests she told us; that she did not see anything abnormal but rather, it would be better for her to refer them to the Prince of Asturias Hospital. A day following leaving Roxi with Franki to the Hospital for treatment in e l area of Oncology and what I told Roxi I remember it; We arrived at the appointment and the doctor attended us, who examined him and touching his face and head, told him almost without a doubt that this child has Histiocytosis X of Langerhans; http: //www.cancer.gov/espanol/pdq / treatment / histiocl / HealthProfessional / page1, a rare disease that almost touches a child as if it were a lottery, anyway he will go to the Hospital Niño Jesús in Madrid to be treated and do all the tests of the case in Oncology. What to do now? ...      

That September we went to the Hospital del Niño Jesús and entered another unknown world of the routine of daily life to be part of those who fight to survive Cancer and all those rare diseases that attack Humanity and especially those children who have known little of the world and of life but that we as parents fill us with joy to see them grow up next to us but it often becomes an ordeal to see him every day face a ghost like Cancer whom you cannot see because every day it consumed the organism of a little boy like Franki .   

I keep the memory of that Hospital d el Niño Jesús in Madrid as the best of memories because if we had never taken Franki and the conditions and possibilities were not given in Spain, perhaps today he would not be with us, health is a public investment at the service of humanity and that is how it should be for everyone and throughout the world. Whenever I step ahead of that hospital I remember that afternoon when we left with Franki and Roxi of care Oncology and almost a tiny hope that the doctor who carried his case we said with complete sincerity; If, after the evaluation and treatment with the first chemotherapy sessions, the metastasis does not respond, it will advance to the soft areas and you know that you will only have three months to live before it leaves us. We sighed while Franki was in the center, so they set us the date of Friday first thing to take him and admit him. We left the Hospital and went to eat with Roxi and Franki , there I heard some words that I never forget every day of my existence words that came from the heart of a child as young as Franki , we sat down and before eating I told him; one child we must entrust to medical science and God and the Holy One of my father 's San Martin de Porres and he replied telling me "Father, Father help me, help me" not be from where tremendous sac words my son until the day today find no answer, and see her mom, to Roxi saw him mourn and small staring at me with that angelic noble face,  I held back , but when I remember it seems that estuvi was reliving again the same stage and hear angelic those words as a child.   

We wish no one what happened to us , it is a tragedy every day, almost two years living in the Hospital del Niño Jesús in Madrid next to Franki , a new setting and another concept of life and health , in that Hospital we lived with the solidarity of all and sharing at all times the tragedy that there were days when a child woke up and never woke up again, they left, they left us even though the day before they were playing as if nothing was happening, He was always terrified of when they were brought up to the third floor of oncology and it was only to wait for death, despite all the medical and technological capabilities, the cancer conquered and took them away. So when we spent that time and Franki overcame the disease that had to be controlled for several years until he was fifteen, the date that today is approaching his birthday on January 20 , he is with us, but the children of those years We will never see them again, they left us, they said goodbye forever. But as a country like Spain can give everything to its people to its children to care for them and intervene in public health, it is only possible when social inclusion in the medical field is attended by the state as a common good of all and for all, But in these times of crisis it seems that all this is going to be cut every day, restrictive policies for public care and public investment in health will be hardened. It should never be like this and it should never go back to immemorial times where health and care were a privilege and not a common good of all and for all. If my son is alive and turns 15 soon this month, it is because of that public policy in a Welfare State. 

Now when I look back to Peru I see that health is a privilege for few and it is not a common good with investment and public service for the entire population and especially for children, here they die from a cough, malnutrition even from a fever , That must change now, when a country like Peru has a continuous growth of 6% per year and it will be more during this decade almost without making a mistake when affirming it, health is still a pending agenda, there is a case that every day that Happens continues to surprise me with deaf ears to the situation of children with leukemia in Peru, we are committed to solidarity tasks we help children to be cared for in Spain one of them who is not with us is Carlitos Cortez my only and first godson who After a year and a half in the Hospital del Niño Jesús he could not overcome the disease and one day September 23, 2008 he left us and was cremated in Madrid. There is a woman very committed to these tasks in Peru, her name is María Dulanto, she has managed to get an Oncology program of a US Hospital to be installed in a public Hospital, the Niño Jesús Hospital in Lima, she has met with the wife of President Ollanta Humala , Mrs. Nadine Heredia, but there are still deaf ears, they are probably from the bureaucracy itself and we hope that if there are initiatives like this, they should promote their attention and support to make it viable because, like leukemia, Cancer is the second disease in deaths in Peru and especially of Peruvian children, we can no longer afford such inattention, let's do something if we talk about social inclusion, it only exists when it is in the public interest from the state that intervenes in its resolution in favor of health, which is a common good of all and for everyone. Hopefully we're not late, it's soon. I hope that through the Latin Migrant Digital Journal of Spain, this article arrives and sensitizes the health policy in Peru and does not remain in the unfulfilled promise of always. Finally, I dedicate this article to my son F r ank i, Carlos and Roxi, they are always aware of this experience and continue to show solidarity with vulnerable populations, especially children ”       

Many years of this experience have passed and what we are suffering in the world with the covid19 is putting humanity to the test and always remembering since the human being appeared on earth we have always lived with viruses of all kinds perhaps unimaginable in the long run of the thousands of years but we have always overcome with herd immunity and now with the development of medicine on a planetary scale we have to take health to the last corner of the world, another world is possible and we will defeat all kinds of pandemics, surviving is also a purpose of the human being.


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