Perú: Ricardo Belmont and the spartan patriots


Carlos Jara Cuevas

International policy, security and development cooperation analyst. International Press for Gaceta Ucayalina. 

London 07/14/2020 

In 2005 visited Barranco in Lima after nearly twenty years in Europe, we find our professor of History of the Right Juan Vicente Ugarte of the Pine died recently in Lima. He was a traditional Hispanic - American, had opportunity to meet the many personalities when visiting Madrid in the month of June , the month also his birthday, to dictate its course in the Institute of Comparative Law at the Complutense University of Madrid , two of those intellectuals who are no longer with usAlfonso García Gallo de Diego a teacher of the History of Spanish and Hispano-American Law and Tomas Salinas Mateos another teacher of Comparative Law , who knew the whole process of the Spanish political transition , they resided in the center of Madrid. A quella time of our visit to your home will ask to Dr. Vicente, what change in Peru, I said. " Carlos, you haven't missed anything, they sweat with a single clockwork orange shirt " (that color is from the Chinese Fujimori, I imagine who he was referring to).

In the Diario la República (06/20/2020) Vargas Llosa declared " The coronavirus made populism and corruption come to light ", for us there is a distance between the fictional imaginary with the human reality and its praxis, here in Peru So that Mario Vargas Llosa remembers, he was one of the ideological promoters of neoliberalism that has been applied for more than thirty years and because of the criollada of Peruvian political destiny, Fujimori did it with the votes of Apra and the Left that defeated him when he appeared as a candidate for the presidency of Peru. And we as patriots affirm that history and the current political moment shows that the coronavirus caused neoliberalism and institutionalized political corruption as a factor of government in Peru to come to light and sprout as pus.

I started this article by remembering a Peruvian-Spanish Master and Nobel laureate I personally met at the Casa de América at FIL a few years ago, because they remind me of two moments in Peru that we have just told.

On Sunday March 15 at mid-morning, President Vizcarra announced the start of the quarantine, the suspension of constitutional guarantees and the State of Emergency throughout Peru.That morning the journalist Ricardo Belmont Cassinelli was doing sports on the beach in Chorrillos and From there, he appeared via YouTube, exposing his analysis of the government's political determination to confront COVID-19, stating that the restriction of rights and the State of Emergency deprived citizens' freedom as well as the error of the intervention strategy with the confinement of families in their homes without anticipating the problems it would entail in health care and the de facto paralysis of all economic and labor activities including the activity of informal workers who represent 70% of the population economically active , it was to lead to a major economic and social crisis . He said journalist with the video reached the figure of 35 million views in the history of the YouTube in Peru and probably more beyond our borders was an impact media unique independent opinion on what happened that day in our country. In paragraphs more later we analyze the spartan issue of this outstanding Peruvian journalist.

Now, covid19 is not the main factor in the economic and social crisis, but rather it is a fact that has coincided with the structural crisis of the neoliberal model in much of the world.  In addition, this case of the so-called pandemic or epidemic of which there is no agree, it is necessary to give a reading from other projections to delve into the subject, the political, the economic, the social, the military, the business, the technological, the security and intelligence, the psychological, the religious and the environment of the cultures of societies and their current state of development in all these aspects, because if we stopped to analyze health, medicines and the biotechnological nature of this virus, we would abandon the current problems of the world and the interests that exist between nations against the gl obalizers of transnational corporations of borderless speculative finance capital , therefore we are not available for now to identify the responsibility of or operations of military commandos in a biological war and of a premeditated plan of social engineering for the extermination of a good part of the population, time will determine the evolution of this process and how the peoples in every corner of the planet will face it. be attentive to the discoveries that are taking place in these times but without forgetting that geopolitics is present at all times because in State politics and the so-called Deep State or Deep State , nothing arises or appears by chance, politics are interests and this it reflects the interests of political power .

Thus; p lanteando this situation, Peru is currently an experiment in social, psychosocial and engineering psicomediatico within an economic and political model behind which the nature of the covid19 to brought to light the problems of public health policy, education and employment all hidden under the carpet of the extractivist economy and the informal economy, together with the moral and political corruption of its institutions as a factor of government, the neoliberal model implemented for nearly 30 years (as Vargas Llosa affirms) by the thief, murderer and dictator who is serving a 25-year sentence Alberto Fujimori who, as a result of a self-coup, installed himself in power for ten years, implemented the neoliberal constitution of 1993 with the oligarchy and the traditional aristocratic Peruvian political caste and then as you all know . He fled to Japan and faxed his resignation as president from Japanese territory. That is why the globalists in Peru are experiencing two things: the economic plan in the face of the global neoliberal crisis and the plan of social control through stage fright, family fear, media fear, social fear, food fear and above all distancing social , that is, trying to disarm the natural forms of the people's organization. 

Then the Minister of Economy María Antonieta Alva Luperdi, who, according to the journalist Ricardo Belmont, is only a bachelor in economics and does not have a degree to practice the profession of economist and is not a member of the College of Economists of Peru, decided to implement the financial bailout of 11 billion dollars in sovereign debt bonds, that is, external debt with the IMF to finance the private banking financial sector , the AFPs, the media monopoly of El Comercio and the entire cartel of private companies that make up the monopoly Of the oligarchy, to add to the economic misfortune, the business cartels of the monopoly that have tax debt and delinquencies with the State have also benefited from this financial bailout. M hile small farmers, artisanal fisheries as well as the economic activities of the self - employed, small and medium entrepreneurs are paralyzed and without the incentive fine nciero offered by the government, are excluded from the financial bailout, have their shops closed their machinery and Stores kidnapped and street vendors are beaten by serenazgo, requisitioned or robbed of their merchandise, and they do not draw up an act of intervention when they are intervened.An example of this scandal is the Municipality of La Victoria in Lima capital headed by its Mayor, in this town the main center for textile manufacturing of small Peruvian entrepreneurs is also paralyzed.

On the other hand, we know that the Central Reserve Bank has 70 billion dollars in gold and dollar reserves, and we are also classified as an economy with the capacity to assume foreign debt by the Moody's company and by Standard & Poor's , In other words, we renounce using our reserves to generate foreign debt. The Minister of the Economy first called these recovery plans "Reactiva Peru" and now it is called "Start Peru" despite these false benefits, Peru will have a drop in GDP at -12%, therefore the economic recession is on the rise. 

In a recent interview with the former Minister of Economy Alfredo Thorne of the PPK period, he declared that poverty will increase from 20 to 29% this year , this will be the case as long as it is quantified as monetary poverty, but it would be enough for people to receive the 380 and 760 soles of bonus and open your bank account these would cease to be poor , a serious fallacy of this economic doctrine that should break d the multid analysis imensional poverty and so would we about 35 % this year to the next 44% of the Tbc , anemia and malnutrition of the population added to the increase in labor informality, unemployment, crime, school and university dropouts, clandestine prostitution and rape , add to this that 50% of Peruvian women neither study nor work . 

Likewise, regarding what the Peruvian State loses in millions due to corruption in its various forms, the Republic's own comptroller responds: " Corruption and functional misconduct continue to affect the work of the State and all citizens and, in In 2019, they caused losses to the country of approximately 23,000 billion soles, stated Comptroller General Nelson Shack .

"Peru has a corruption problem, but these are not isolated cases, but rather a corruption that has penetrated the entire system. We have completed the study regarding how much Peru loses due to corruption annually and, only in 2019, will estimates that this would amount to more than 23,000 billion soles with respect to the annual budget executed, "said the head of the Comptroller General of the Republic.

Nelson Shack explained that this amount is equivalent to approximately 15% of the net execution of the Public Sector Budget last year, and that situation should promote, among other aspects, changes to the regulations for the execution of works in order to "eliminate or limit , for example, the collusive triangle formed by a dishonest public official, a corrupting contractor and a supervisor who arranges these processes ”.

source RPP 06/17/2020, https://rpp.pe/peru/actualidad/contraloria-general-peru-pierde-anually-s-23-000-millones-por-corrupcion-e-inconducta-funcional-noticia- 1273874? Ref = rpp

Finally, this Sunday, July 5, a joint majority opinion was approved in Parliament regarding the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity and the preliminary ruling of all high authorities of the state, including the immunity of the President and in the case of parliamentarians they will be submitted to the Supreme Court of Justice. The Constitution and Regulation Commission of Congress, chaired by Dr. Omar Chehade Moya, has set off the opposition alarms because in this second legislature that began on July 6, its approval will be voted in this month and then all parties have begun to tremble. political and economic interests to be able to constitutionally withdraw their immunity. And the prejudice. E l Journal of the 25.05.2019 Management says the following case of countries "There are countries where the congressmen do not enjoy immunity or process or arrest. These are Australia, Canada, Colombia and the United Kingdom. In Colombia, congressmen do not have immunity, but their processes are seen exclusively by the Supreme Court of Justice, that is, they lack this benefit, but they cannot be prosecuted by any other instance than the highest court of justice of that country”. At this juncture, something unexpected has happened on the part of the leader of the Podemos Peru party; e l former general Daniel Urresti is a congressman of the Podemos party Peru, which is moving from political confrontational political fireman, the opinion of withdrawing immunity and impeachment was approved by the commission , which was voted in parliament it has all the validity constitutional law compared within the framework of the Fujimori constitution to be approved in this second legislature . Now he opposes because he did not read and why not consult the members of the Advisory Committee ad honoren proposing a new proposal from the bench. However, there is a political party with a Christian religious profile, FREPAP, which has its bench in Congress. This party has also been promoting the removal of immunity and pre-trial, together with the Alliance for Progress, Popular Action and We Are Peru. The result of this reform must be approved without lowering the political and legal basis of this opinion one millimeter is a litmus test for a process of constitutional political reforms because if these reforms fail, the next step is the political break with the presidential political regime what Parliament can do or the next elections in April 2021. At this juncture Omar Chehade Moya has been able to achieve the leading role from the democratic opposition , however the political class and the media monopoly together with the trolls in the networks daily work their liquidation Politics and resignation from the position of President of the aforementioned commission of the Congress of the Republic can even resort to the Lawfare strategy to initiate premeditated judicial processes , therefore it would be worth an effort to read his book "The great usurpation" to better understand his position. On the other hand, trolls or those who de ficio send them on the networks to warn of the return to quarantine, in the face of the political failure of the government, the least that honest doctors in Peru, serious politicians and social organizations should allow is to instrumentalize and politicize the covid19, we must follow the example of other countries such as the US, Europe and Africa , which have abandoned the WHO protocols to implement their own medical protocols caring for their inhabitants, which are succeeding, in addition to also reactivating their national economies.

From the rostrum of the showcase of YouTube Ricardo Belmont despite the obstacles of this medium to achieved a media impact of mass in the opinion public through social networks, which began with a visit to the mananeras exhibitions of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador from Mexico who had the courtesy to receive and greet him, in addition Belmont affirmed his sympathy and coincidence with the role of AMLO in Latin America . H oy after the Trump- AMLO White House meeting, expectations are opening for our continent. The networks and the streets know the former mayor of Lima and former Congressman and his political movement Obras , his opinions have been building a discourse from criticism of the neoliberal economic model , the authoritarian presidentialist political regime and the Fujimori constitution, from a citizen position and independent but that independence has been able to transmit it from the dialogue on the network and also via radio, successful tv that places it on the stage of national public opinion without the financial resources that, for example, the government finances the media monopoly with public money of El Comercio and the opinion polling companies to manage public opinion in their favor, the same modality of fujimontesinismo when it bought polls and opinions , and media war strategies against all kinds of political and social opposition. An example for Congress should be to propose a law that prohibits the State from financing advertising of its campaigns and image in private media , and in political circumstances Congress should also pass a Law to give existence to voluntary voting and that elections as in the In the case of the USA, the President and the authorities are elected in the first round, with that we would be strengthening citizen power and fighting against political corruption.

As the journalist Ricardo Belmont affirms, his position since the beginning of the quarantine has been one of criticism and political evaluation of the health care plan, to the direct effects and impact on the mental health of the population, the problems of the forced marches of poor people abandoning their huts beaches around Lima is castrate their hometowns that are to the interior of the country, water, light, the discrimination social, racial and cultural have been the subject of their analysis , and with great success the criticism of the economic plan to bail out large companies and private banks, discriminating against small and medium-sized Peruvian entrepreneurs and committing the country to a financial debt with the IMF, according to the Washington consensus. At the time, in the circumstances of this electoral process called by the government for April 2021, the initiatives of various sectors arise to convene a national platform of patriots of Peru against the anti-patriots, this identifying the relationship of the patriots with the sovereign State, With a political program that recovers the national geopolitical interests of Peru, that media mobilization that he promotes from the networks that allow reaching citizens with a direct speech to their conscience , he has allowed himself to call the patriots in the classic terms of the Greeks , ' the Spartans !! , for the reading that we Spartans for Belmont are the Peruvian patriots who defend the sovereignty and dignity of the homeland . There is an interesting aspect of this idea pointing out political objectives of interest to each Peruvian within the social sector in which he is located due to the socioeconomic conditions in which Peruvian society is divided between a wealthy financial speculating minority and a majority that has crossed the borders of the middle class to return to poverty and extreme poverty, it is necessary to change the relationship of healthy macroeconomic figures with extreme poverty. A new social contract in which the state, capital and work in a tripartite alliance consolidates the Peru, for the bicentennial is the party of the aristocracy political criolla but for us it should mean the second transformation recovering the Republic of Peru to the Peruvians. If you are or consolidate a political project that is also occurring with all faults in some sectors of Congress and in various regions of the country would be more rather important call to all who assume the status of patriot s to transform Peru. As we well know since the fall of the Fujimori dictatorship, there has never been a political transition of any kind, here there has only been continuity of Fujimorianism without Fujimori, they have called that "automatic pilot", pure and simple neoliberalism, that is why we have had traitorous presidents thieves, suicides and persecuted , the parties have been and continue to be rented bellies but also being financed by the State, they are political organs of the State , therefore that relationship also has to change in this new process. Many of the topics that we have mentioned here Ricardo Belmont has explained it in a language understandable to all audiences, his videos on YouTube store information about the Peruvian political process until now that they deserve to listen to, his high audience that crosses borders is a reference of national and international opinion.  

As you can see, Peru is an issue to comment on in the geopolitics of South America and on the occasion of covid19 we appear as one of the countries with the most infections and deaths (333,867 infections and 12,229 deaths) after a bacchanal waste of money including debt with the IMF, these facts show us that there are political and judicial responsibilities of the government here . Finally, in a recent interview with Attorney Walter Mendizabal , published in the Diario Expreso (07/12/2020) by journalist Luis Garcia Miro Elguera , under the title; Walter Mendizábal: "There is criminal responsibility for Vizcarra" , at the end of the interview he recalls three issues;


"The conduct of the public entity must be strictly framed within the law, which implies an adequate operation of the service, aimed at satisfying public interests."


"The principle of legality indicates that officials must comply with ensuring everything that is convenient for the State, be subject to international standards, such as not approving distribution companies without authorization for Covid-19 discard tests. However, the Peruvian State did not show the slightest interest in guaranteeing the life and health of citizens”.


"The Government has incurred in refusal, as many died due to lack of care, after testing negative, when it was the opposite, but the competent authorities continued promoting and sending rapid tests to various parts of the country."


So far we have come and with the wisdom of Ricardo Belmont, it is key to understand that Power is politics and democracy, they are interests and interests are behind politics, therefore in politics , there is no coincidence , there is always a purpose , this time we have a purpose to recover the Republic of Peru to Peruvians. The reading that I have of this 74-year-old Peruvian politician, as he says, is that of a patriot, that is why the Spartans that Ricardo Belmont summons are all the patriots of Peru compared to the anti- patriots who are the globalizers without a country and without nation. And we conclude this time with a quote, in this scenario tripolar (USA, Russia and China) d the speech of the Presid being Donald Trump at the UN on 9/24/2019 says:

“The free world must embrace its national foundations. You should not attempt to remove or replace them.

“As we look around us and across this great and magnificent planet, the truth is evident. If you want freedom, you have to be proud of your country. If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation. Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first. "

" The future does not belong to the globalists. The future belongs to the patriots. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations that protect their citizens, respect their neighboring countries and honor the differences that make each country special and unique."

The historic meeting at the White House between Donald Trump and AMLO was published in the DW of the German news agency on 07/08/2020:

And at the meeting at the White House AMLO pronounced these words; The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, thanked his United States counterpart, Donald Trump , this Wednesday (07/08/2020) for treating his country "with kindness and respect" and not "as a colony", when celebrating in the White House "friendship" between both nations. 

"You have not tried to treat us as a colony, but on the contrary you have honored our condition as an independent nation," said López Obrador on his first visit abroad in 18 months of government. "He has treated us as what we are, a country and a dignified, free, democratic and sovereign people. Long live the friendship of our two nations!"

Those statements by López Obrador moved the US president, who just after shook his fist in satisfaction and replied: "That's fantastic, great job, thank you very much, thank you very much, Mr. President. A great job, thank you." 



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