Francisco Bolognesi and the congress of the republic


Carlos Jara Cuevas

International policy, security and international technical cooperation analyst . International press for Gaceta Ucayalina.

London 06/07/2020 

The memory on this June 7th of Colonel Francisco Bolognesi, hero and martyr of the Battle of Arica against the invading Chilean army, brings to mind his patriotic words of “Arica does not surrender, I have sacred duties to fulfill and I will fight until I burn the last cartridge”. When we were a student at the Nuestra Señora De Guadalupe School, we had a very distinguished professor of History of Peru, Dr. Marino Ríos Rivera, with whom we learned to know the Republic of Peruour homeland and the scene of the Pacific War encouraged by the interests of the Chilean oligarchy and the money of English Imperialism but we also knew the interests of the Peruvian oligarchy that, renouncing the homeland, preferred their farms and corruptions in the Peruvian State for the benefit of Their nitrate businesses in Arica and Tarapacá, which never lost because they were partners with Chilean companies that exploited guano and nitrate, we understood their betrayals better . The War of the Pacific was a war of interests as we call today of geopolitical and geoeconomic interests , in the end not even the Chilean people benefited but the Chilean and Peruvian oligarchies with the British companies and their London bankers.

The merit of Francisco Bolognesi, Miguel Grau and Andrés Avelino Cáceres is to demonstrate that the patriotic response is a reality faced with the adversity of traitors such as President Manuel Ignacio Prado who disappeared from Peru for ten years as it is known to bring arms and ships that On his unfortunate return, they never arrived, he only published a brochure to try to cleanse his soul as a traitor and Chilean agent finally discovered with the passing of history , and another character is Nicolás de Piérola alias “ the caliph”, a coup plotter who licensed the army to leave him without troops to General Andrés Avelino Cáceres facilitating the entry of the Chilean army so that the Chilean General Manuel Baquedano would govern as the occupation army from January 17, 1881 to October 23, 1883, occupying the facilities of Palacio of government in Lima and hoisting its flag on the mast for three years.

Entonces following the path of Francisco Bolognesi , of Andres Avelino Caceres the Brujo de los Andes , master of war covert lines re built the army with the people to continue to fight the invaders despite also the betrayal of General Miguel Churches - that like Gral . Petain of France was handed over to the army of Hitler betraying the French nation in World War II - this character was put to the service of Chileans to fight l Peruvian army led by Andrés Avelino Cáceres in his Civil War a patriotic resistance, these chapters and more today is not taught n in our schools s contribute to the historical oblivion younger generations,   to the course of History of Peru has disappeared from our education as well as the course of civics and other subjects educated to profile country and nation to schoolchildren . Francisco Bolognesi will always refresh the historical memory because it is in those conflict scenarios when the nature and spirit of the people and their private interests or for the common good of the country are known, this fact also demonstrates the degree of commitment of a patriot, that is why today when the covid19 plandemic has been unleashed we can now find out and know the bastard interests of the political class , the media monopoly and the speculative financial oligarchy where, as in that time, the " political and economic corruption " continues being a factor of government to operate , to negotiate and to betray Peru . Colonel Francisco Bolognesi has the well earned the title of hero of the country, so where 're Professor Dr. Marino Rios Rivera and also because not remember my teacher in Peru and Spain Dr. Juan Vicente Ugarte of the Pine, many grace s.

The battle against media fear that is becoming a national mental health disease is also the one that Peruvians are stoically enduring in these days of confinement and paralysis of the economic system and the various work and business activities, and we must express here there is no war but the plandemia imposed des from outside confronts us with extreme poverty, economic crisis and economic recession, its eradication is a patriotic task that referring to the words of the President Donal d Trump to the UN said on 09.24.2019 “ Like my beloved country, each nation represented in this room has a treasured history, culture and heritage worth defending and celebrating, and which give us our unique strength and potential.

The free world must embrace its national foundations. You should not attempt to remove or replace them.

As we look around us and across this great and magnificent planet, the truth is evident. If you want freedom, you have to be proud of your country. If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation. Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.

The future does not belong to the globalists. The future belongs to the patriots. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations that protect their citizens, respect their neighboring countries, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique. ”

We must take into account that the world is tripolar and constant conflict under an armed Peace that subsists to maintain stability in these times. So from the position of the Republic we have to recover its institutions and re-found democracy. That is the immediate task and it is the task of the current Congress if they do not want to be cornered by subordinate interests and forgotten by history. In recent weeks the pack media paid by the government of President Vizcarra to turned Congress into a political target to beat , smash and squish have sufficed allegations of corruption produced in the institutions of government to accuse them of " populist " term and distorted concept malicious intention to cover up those who denounce from the platform of Congress all the government farms in the face of the COVID19 crisis. To the most voted congressman Maj. Daniel Urresti and former Congressman Vice President of Peru Dr. Omar Chehade Moya , attack them from the showcases of the El Comercio media monopoly, from television and from the various columns of salaried opinionologists from the websites, blogs and in general the trolls of social networks. The Congress of the Republic is the legislative power, it is the constituent power by popular will, it is also the first power of the State, the great mission that is presented to it is to recover the Republic of Peru for the Peruvians; For example, family and universal bonds are not distributed and it is not known when, the Regional Governments and Municipalities have also discovered their misdeeds with the money distributed by the Government, that is called “authoritarian populism”, recently it was discovered the shenanigans with the monopoly of drug over-prices committed by the pharmacy chains of the monopoly of this sector, another with the covid19 tests marketed by private clinics and served by public health that being free are being negotiated at 600 soles a The cost of public money was about 19,700 tests, the oxygen balloons , the purchase of eucalyptus from Brazil , the consultancies to the celebrity and relatives of Ministers and ministers among other pearls of organized corruption , and in the same way it happens with corruption in the police and in the armed forces with the purchase of implements for covid19. Then the case occurred when Congressman Omar Chehade denounced a few weeks ago that there are more deaths than the President says, the press was crucifying him and it is that as he says, supervising is one of the tasks of Congress but it is not a window of paperwork.

Today we woke up with 196,515 infected or infected, 5,465 deceased and 86,219 healed. When a politician dares to govern a country as Ms Merkel says in Germany , it is because he knows that it is to govern, he does not come to debut because he assumes a government with State objectives , so President Vizcarra continues with automatic pilot but the model is in crisis and the bill of indebtedness with the IMF of 11,000 billion dollars is insufficient, but we would come closer to saying that it will borrow 20,000 million more dollars at the end of the year , given that the distribution and financial bailout of CONFIEP , the B ank, AFP and large companies require that are technically bankrupt and illiquid the same goes for the BCR (where reserves are in gold and dollars) to go to the loan the IMF and this was all over as a burden on backs of the State and citizens . We will not fulfill the fight against poverty and its eradication from the agend by 2030, nor will we reach the promised Bicentennial in successful conditions, but rather more indebted as when we began in 1821 when the republic was installed after being territorially balkanized (Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru). The Congresswoman to which we refer from two political parties s one of " Pod e have Peru" and the other "Alliance for Progress " , both in its policy documents are questioning neoliberalism from the first line of the drafting of its principles politicians, it is desirable that this questioning serves to keep high the flag of democracy and constitutional changes or reforms for the future of Peru. And may this heroic date serve as an example for our generations in the same way for all professionals such as doctors, nurses and health technicians to be recognized for their job stability, decent salaries and continuous training, in the same way so that the informal return n   to work and are not being beaten , small businesses regain their businesses and businesses , and teachers return to classrooms along with schoolchildren and university students, because herd immunity has been widespread throughout the country for some time and so it will continue. We also consider that we must take into account the actions of European countries and the US, as in this case Donald Trump broke with the WHO and withdrew the subsidy it was granting him and they are following their own medical protocols with sovereign decisions or as in the case of countries Africans who have been treating and reducing covid19. In any case, President Vizcarra must give an account to Congress and with the consideration of respect for the country, an Investigation Commission must be installed to the current government.

Likewise, it is not necessary to confuse, as the mercenary opinionologists of the press do, physical distance for health reasons with social distance because human society functions as an integral and integrated collective, not like Robinson Crusoe on an islet. And as for the police, they cannot be treated under wachimane conditions or the armed forces as a national guard , we will learn from this lesson, that democracy is not confused with governments for hire, that is, we cannot accept the privatization of governments, What we need are patriotic governments with political parties and militants committed by Peru. Recovering the republic for Peruvians with sovereignty, democracy and integral security is a pending task. Finally June 7 is a civic date that we must always remember in our patriotic conscience now and for the future.


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